Tue 9 October 2018 | 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Shalvata - Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv,

We promised you that the last month of this season will be crazy and exaggerated and clear that we are holding.

So after the last third completely fulfilled the promise, this time we will add red axes, silver teaspoons and purple hallucinations, and we will join the Skunk people to bring you the best of the creative arrowheads that are immediately no Tel Aviv but have already stunned the entire world:

Red Axes
It has been said all but the shock from some that are good is still felt. Niv Arazi, Dori Sadovnik and the innovative, unique, borderbreaking and unique melting pot that never ceases to fascinate and leave everyone who has been thirsty for more, including all the world’s most sought-after and most sought-after positions. No matter what we write here, it will not describe the creativity, the artists, the enthusiastic audience, the accessibility, the segment, the success and the amount of love we have for these brave artists.

International attention is also no stranger to Nadav Spiegel, Otarki for you, who for years has brought with him important labels and prominent positions in Israel and around the world tons of raw emotion and unique sound only to him. That’s how it is when a part of Otarki plays – you recognize, close your eyes and give yourself to the sounds. It does not matter whether it’s in his hypnotic heart or when he gets in position, you’re always guaranteed to feel catharsis – the heart is clean and life is more beautiful.

Uriah Klapter
There is no time he can not dismantle us and re-assemble, and the precise musical connection that will happen on this night ensures that the diamond that is Uriah Klepter will light stars in your eyes. The man of prophecy and the eternal rokster, who sees what others do not see and hears what others do not hear, a winner with receipts and talent from legends.

Great madness in the open air.

Please keep your personal space,
To respect the other in the square, to maintain a proper body language,
Enjoy the limits of reason, take off safety and know how to land,
We’re here for you. Just enjoy the style.

full of love

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