Tue 10 September 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Shalvata - Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv,

As we get closer to Rosh Hashanah, the Blind Mind account begins to work. where shall we go? Who is the perfect team for the mission? Where do we hear the best music? Who will provide us with the perfect pastime to open the

New Year?

Let us make it easier for you and announce that there is one place that will meet all of your requirements more superbly while maintaining really high standards, sustainability, value and preserving nature.

The BBC festival is coming to Israel and the excitement is growing as we approach. Prepare for a refreshing and innovative breeze that will take place somewhere in the Tel Aviv corner that still remains natural and can welcome us with love. At the upcoming sponsorship event, we offer you an airy workshop that will prepare you for the main journey, which is accompanied by no less than excellent music!

Lilly Palmer
For Lily, music is the way to express freedom through direct contact with the audience and to carry out an emotional transformation in which both they and others experience shared ecstasy.
She is known as one of the strong women on the DJ’s position and with her gentle charisma, she takes the extension into a deep journey in the sound and powerful melodies emanating from the speakers.
This is not about DJing, but an entity with a burning zeal and desire to have a common experience at every party.

Sainte Vie
Mexico on the New York axis,
expecting us a celebration of sounds.
This is a very talented producer who comes from the depths of Mexico with an entire portfolio of oriental rhythms who have gone through electronic writing with a chic ornaments. When we talked about special music just what we meant, an artist who brings his ancient culture into contemporary masterpieces turns the set from a reasonable pastime into a spiritual ritual!

Didn’t you miss it? how can you not. Life, Blue Star, returns to us in an uninhibited set. The truth is that he is more abroad than in Israel and his melodies in the hottest places speak for themselves. But, and there is but … It seems you will not kidnap him for another nightly spoon.

Tal Cohen
Musical foundation in the Tel Aviv arena. Tal Cohen was here before everyone else. Shirazi Betty Al Blay’s cheerful tenure continues as the contemporary content manager at the block club. What a sure set of action looks forward to.

Please keep personal space!
Respect the other in the plaza!
Maintain proper body language!
Enjoy the boundaries of logic, take off safety and know how to land,
we are here for you just enjoy the style.

Full of Love ❤

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