Tue 14 August 2018 | 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Shalvata - Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv,

It does not always take a lot of headlines to tell the story …

(One of the most interesting and good clubs (especially after the renovations), and the first of its kind, Tel Aviv has experienced.

We will host the brightest pair in the State of Israel on the stand:
Genia Tarasol – The years Genia stars at the top of the list of busy DJs in Israel, sometimes it seemed that there were 50 jennies that were simultaneously at different parties in Israel. Hard work, perseverance and talent brought him two years ago to break beyond Israel’s borders! With reflections on festivals, giant stages and now the best clubs in the world.

Uriya Klepter – the man of prophecy and the eternal rokster, expert Scouting Nation 1 Izhivan, who years ago identified who will be the next thing, who hosted in his series of parties everyone who is now in the top A list of Liszt before they knew who he was.
Uriah sees what we do not predict and does not hear anyone, perhaps only Yossi Ziv. Years here rightly argue that Mr. Klepter is the most talented guy in Israel, something different, his, that’s the core of what we do.

* Both of them are the story that does not shout loud but penetrates as deeply as possible *

* We wanted to wish Jania successfully in his first leg in the Siraculco (Deci 10 Ibiza) that lied the day before to the Set in Spoons!

In addition we will host Yosefi Art, the talented designer, the bizarre, the man with the great collection of skulls we have seen! There will be a fashion stall under his direction and you will be able to experience and purchase very interesting items.

Our recipe for maximum enjoyment:
Take off your shields, put on a smile, start moving and it will connect.

Please listen to the security instructions in place, maintain a proper environmental space, respect the other in the square, if you can take pictures without flash it would be great, and that’s it, thanks.


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