Tue 18 June 2019 | 6:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Shalvata - Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv,

Hey you, the last time you stopped time and took a moment to watch the sunset wallowing into the blue sea around you perfect utopia?

We plan a long event that begins at the end of the working day and just before you get into a boring routine, you will see it as an opportunity to embark on an energetic journey that will refresh your week in an unparalleled way. This time, three leading tour guides in the field will be taken over by a local high-level delegation to take the plaza to Lancel Label.
Hart and the conceptualism of the event will connect us to the fashion brand with the best taste and unique – ARKETA
We warmly recommend you to get rid of it, to ensure your place in the experience.

Denis Horvat
(Innervisions \ Afterlife)
When we said that this season only musical masters would appear, we were not joking. Meet Dennis Horvat, a gifted producer from Denmark who broke the boundaries of consciousness.
Hurbat began his career at the age of 15 and today he already has collaborations with the top producers such as Emma, ​​Dickson, Maceo Flex and more.
What actually distinguishes Denis from the rest of the creators is the method of working in the studio. He is known as a freak of analog equipment with which he produces a warm sound with After Taste Crunchy. We tried to define his music after the focused hearing of the sets and what comes up in our heads is a techno-synth built from a tapestry of deep beats that will always run hand in hand with airy melodies and afro-chabit influences, inervision and afterlife immediately recognized the potential and rushed to snatch up the horsetail to their roster. So we will not snatch it at us? Of course it is.


will quote from their biogapia because it has brainwashed us
“The name Matma is the pseudonym of the Matteo brothers and Amado Giovannelli. The Giovanelli Brothers set their studio at the foot of a volcano with the surrounding environment a dense forest full of organic inertia. ”
You can imagine what came out of this melting pot long ago, you guessed it, a musical breakthrough signed by familiar wide hits.
These days, the duo has been placed under the auspices of Travel Offs on Label Appterlife and starring on the most special stage in the genre.


Magit Cacoon
Dear Tel Aviv and the Berlin SS, Magit Kakon dominates all possible aspects.
In recent years, she has experienced a meteoric explosion that benefited honestly from the CDC 10 tunes, collaborations with Damien Lazarus and, of course, until joining Dynamic’s gang in King Solomon’s swing.
Assuming you were in her set, Maggie like a witch wipes the square in mystical mannerisms and a tough but not exaggerated technodic atmosphere.
Darling is waiting for you.


Made in Tel Aviv

Sahar Z
A true renaissance artist with an exceptional history in the global electronic music scene.
The veterans whose sons know him by his full name as Sahar Zangilevich who was one of the Phoenicians who planted the beginning of the revolution here.
Only a real DJ can hold so many years as a hot name on the world stage and he does it big time.

Sean Doron

Shawn Doron is considered a long-time fox with a golden forelock and not because of his age. However, at an early age, Sean managed to dominate all the important clubs, conquer the hearts of tens of thousands of ballers in the island of Ibiza dreams and of course star as a rider in the Lorraine Rummies alongside Guy Gerber.
His music has revolutionized in recent years what other tunes do not do at Life Time, especially after the hot release on Damien Lazarus’s label. As you understand … this is Star Brook.

glasses, a small smile, a calm wav and a ton of talent from Intervision.
As he plows the cliffs in Berlin, the top gang of the scene, like Marco Corolla, Solomon, Emma, ​​and Dickson play his tunes. Absolutely respectable.


Please keep your personal space!
Respect the other in the square!
Keep your body language normal!
Enjoy the limits of reason, take off safety and know to land,
we are here for you just enjoy the style.

Full Love Sp

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