Tue 13 August 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Shalvata - Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv,

Dear Sponsors and Sponsors, We have waited a long time for you to reveal this event in front of you.

When the whole “scene” is talking about “boxing,” we connect with the music. A ritual ritual of pure souls that will connect the sounds to a cosmic fabric of spiritual passion.

Sounds ticklish right?

NOW if you already use the word BOOKING, at least it will be exciting. Well, it’s a bowing!
A nomad of a modern era who travels between countries and continents with a unique musical message. A collection of polar styles that erupt into a vortex that drifts you into the depths of sound.

Well, a skilled music producer who wanders in an obsessive yearning to discover new musical districts, you can hear the many influences from different cultures in that each tune is different from its predecessor and different life journey.

There is an eye, there is a message, there is a feeling you will come ready.

Naor Nurieli

We can never know if he is watching a sunset in the Freshman or performing a hectic ritual in Berlin’s basements, only one sure, enlightened, normal thing will play third under the star chart.
We are delighted to host this talented hit Spring Gipsy for a perfect sit-down on such a cosmic evening. Travel or not be.

If the two are better than one then the three are sure it’s a record.

Notice the terrifying forces that sit under the number 2030: Dor Reuveni, Musco and Takiro, three brilliant minds who decided that together we could reach new sound districts, we built you must hear this trio.

They will launch their new eponymous experience then.

Managers: Priority in Entrance to Early Ticket Buyers:

Please keep personal space!
Respect the other in the plaza!
Maintain proper body language!
Have fun within the boundaries of logic, take off safety and know how to land,
We are here for you just enjoy the style.

Full of Love ❤

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