Tue 9 July 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Shalvata - Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv,

Music is not only a source of consolation or distraction, it is an ideology. You can recognize a person by the type of music he listens to.

Think you’ve got to know us? Maybe a little, there are a few more surprises that will make you say, “Okay, we were not ready for that.”

On the third day, we will celebrate our favorite Frenchman, Josie!
Our camembert cheese, we do not know if you’ll survive this evening, but we’ll do our best to finish you off.
Girls, that ‘s your chance.

DJ’s La Viva

Magit Cacoon
good could say it has been a relationship not? A third time is already a declaration of intent. Our mother always warned us that you could not wait for the next date with them. And the truth is, it is impossible to stop with her, whenever she rises to the position something cosmic happens to the square, a continuous hypnosis spring that has no end. We are your Maggie.

Raul & Tal – New Project Launch
When we recognize something good on the horizon, we will always be happy to be grateful.
Raul Seabardi, who will probably be recognized from the days of the gay cat and dog, after a long period of musical journey, he joined forces with the Tel Aviv rock n roll.
Tal is known as an avant-garde person with impressive vocal abilities. The combination of the two brings something very refreshing.

event boy, will celebrate the festive closing set.

Guy Shaked, pay attention to what he had to say when we asked him what the purpose of your project was:
I did not come here to raise my hands in the air, do not want to be a world celebrity, do not want to push other producers aside. My project represents everything you hide inside, I came to take out the shy person in you for a trip. To increase hope and inner happiness.
I’m no better than you. I’m no less than you. I, you.
We go on a journey and everyone is invited. ”

The bizarre sun flower, an atypical Tel Aviv DJ, we love who you are. Take us to happiness.

Please keep your personal space!
Respect the other in the square!
Keep your body language normal!
Enjoy the limits of reason, take off safety and know to land,
we are here for you just enjoy the style.

Full Love Sp

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