Tue 30 April 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
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“This season will start strong and from there we will increase the pace” (R. Fritzi)

We have not yet let the city get used to the fact that we have returned and reality will no longer look tired and melancholic as usual and we are predicting the future for you.

One of our partners has a birthday!
Yossi Beg from Beit Eichenbaum, the first to his name, the Prince of Nightlife, the Dragon Shield, the Lion King of the Beaches, and other hallucinations of the throne games.
Once a year, this dear Per Persona has a birthday and he takes care to get the city out of its place into a massive night of debauchery.
Anyone who has already experienced his birthdays, knows it’s BIG!

Red Axes
Niv Arazi, Dori Sadovnik – the red axes who conquered the electronic scene because of the unique musical style they developed while maintaining excessive apathy.
In the past two years, the duo has managed to dominate the world’s most sought-after positions and be courted by the big labels in the electronic arena, placing them at the top of the world as unconventional producers.
It does not matter what we write here or how we will try to illustrate this phenomenon that you read Red Access, it will not be compatible with reality, you will have to experience.

Jenia Tarsol
Genia is one of the hottest and most sought after names in the industry, an international phenomenon with a flock of fans who follow him wherever he plays.
And the truth? We are not surprised.
With precise sets and charismatic presence on stage, he sweeps the audience into a sensational experience on the seam of the Groovy House and sexy electronics.

Uriah Klapter
We do not really know what other planet is landed here, ֿWe just know we’ve earned.
Oriya Klepter, a real rock and roll and an honorary DJ with a spark of madness bordering on genius will lead you step by step on a perfect journey in the open air with the stars guarding you, leave the compass at home.

Glasses, a small smile, a calm smile and a ton of talent from Intervision.
As he plows the cliffs in Berlin, the top gang of the scene, like Marco Corolla, Solomon, Emma, ​​and Dickson play his tunes. Absolutely respectable.

Producing Love in Love, music that runs between House and oriental tunes around the world. It’s easy to lose yourself in its sound spaces

Please keep your personal space!
Respect the other in the square!
Keep your body language normal!
Enjoy the limits of reason, take off safety and know how to land,
We are here for you. Just enjoy the style.

Full love.

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