Tue 30 October 2018 | 8:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Barby - Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv, 125 NIS

Super Junior Yachts are proud and excited to announce!

The pop-electronics producer and the avant-garde video artist will arrive at the set to receive a spectacular performance in Tel Aviv’s Barby

There is not a single drop of doubt that Sophie is one of the most insane, surprising, creative and intriguing phenomena currently on our planet to take Glasgow out. Sophie Xieon, producer of pop-electronics, an avant-garde singer and video artist, came to the fore in 2013, when she released her famous single, Nothing More to Say. The Trac marked its unique and refreshing line of music: Bubblegum Bass – a combination of pop / dance / house elements characterized by breezy and crisp bites, deep basses, high melodic vocals and a wink for the 1980s and the nineties along with a futuristic and airy feel. Immediately after his release, the single got attention and a crowd of fans who were curious to know who this / that / is that thing called “SOPHIE” and many discussions about her identity and budding music forums. The next single, Bipp, has already climbed high in the best single chart of Pitchfork, while the fog surrounding the SOPHIE persona, along with its fresh and varied musical wind, has attracted great interest among the audience and critics.

The following singles, Lemonade and Hard, came out in 2014 and were characterized by the same refreshing sound line and flawless production, and as expected, also entered the Billboard charts immediately. From there the climb was rapid, and in the same year SOPHIE entered a series of marches, including those of the Washington Post, Residency Adviser and Pitchpork, and in 2015 Lemonade became the mouthpiece of McDonald’s iconic advertisement. During the year, SOPHIE and singer Charlie XCX announced that they were working on collaboration [and later Sophie produced for Charlie – among others – the hit “Vroom Vroom” and even went out with her to the column].


At the end of 2015, Sophie’s first album, Product, was released, which included the singles she has released so far and has received rave reviews and millions of plays on YouTube. These marked the breakthrough of SOPHIE and Simona as a refreshing and intriguing phenomenon in the electronics sky – all the while continuing to operate while maintaining a vague identity. Many continued to wonder who she was, and even thought that she was producing a male behind pseudonyms [and indeed when asked “Why did you choose the name SOPHIE?” Replied, “because it tastes good, like a moisturizer”].

In January 2017, SOPHIE was announced to be working with cashmere cat producer, and in October of that year came the defining moment: The Single It’s Okay to Cry was released, an electronic ballad sang by Sophie in her authentic voice, accompanied by a video in which she appears herself. So it was first discovered that SOPHIE is a beautiful Trans beautiful woman, with a unique and spectacular look.
The single marked “Exit to Light” by SOPHIE as a persona whose visuals are inseparable from her music and art, and at the same time Sophie was first introduced to the media about being a transgender woman.

Later that month Sophie made her debut with singles from her second and expected album. The album, Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides, was released on June 15 this year, featuring Sophie’s own melodic vocals and other female vocals, along with delightful musical fusion, deep basses and surprising jumpy bites. The feeling is gentle and mesmerizing on the one hand, but tough and on the other hand, with the car and the wheels accompanied by spectacular images, plastic and saturated with color but full of emotion, exploding creativity and intriguing vision that leaves the taste of more.

Among other things, SOPHIE has collaborated and collaborated with artists such as Lady Gaga, Kim Petras, Bibi Burley and Madonna [who produced the hit “Bitch I’m Madonna”] and performs as DJs in clubs in the UK and the US.

Sophie is currently in a premiere series stretching across the US and Europe, and on October 30 it will land in Israel for the first time in hysterical and historical acclaim at Barbi Tel Aviv as part of its European column.

* Ticket prices will range between 125-150
** The full lineup will be published later

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