Sun 24 September 2017 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
The Complex - Carlebach 2, Tel Aviv, 40 NIS


United with Cuba after the hurricane

Ten people died in the aftermath of hurricane Irma in Cuba, which also left millions of people with floods, with no electricity, no drinking water, and even a part without a roof to their head. Despite the challenging situation, the cubans continue to be an example to the world as a brave people. We’d like to dance and be happy for them at a Cuban charity event at the salsa club Complex in Tel Aviv, all benefits will be sent to Cuba to help the Cuban people rebuild their world and get back to their routine.

Let’s have fun with volunteers and Olim Hadachim from Cuba that will dance for you and with you. The singer Orly Solomon will also sing for you. She moved from Cuba to Israel and brings us the Cuban joy of life. Expect a happy fiesta, full of positive energy and lots of dancing.

Cover: 40 nis

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