Wed 18 April 2018 - Thu 19 April 2018 | 6:00 pm
Meister Farm - Rosh Pina, North Israel, From 150 NIS

Greetings from the sun

As an expanding network of creators of reality, as a multi-part puzzle, we continue to connect and reveal a picture that is larger and to create a reality that is more complete

Some of us are beginning to feel it, some of us already see it clearly, and some that may not at all but it happens and continues to draw us to each other. With the same clear intention to merge and connect worlds, we united a group of visionaries to concoct the formula in which all of us, coming from all kinds and types of streams, will feel a urge to join one common journey

We open the gates to the northern kingdom of nature at the foot of green mountains and vineyards in order to share with us the global tribe that we, in the most refreshing and advanced news of the collective traditions of the planet of the land to share

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100 first tickets (up to 1.4) for NIS 150.
(Few left)
The following 100 – NIS 190
Last step until the day of the event at 220 NIS

Children’s ticket up to age 13: NIS 80.

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The event is friendly and recommended for children and families
And will allow camping in the open nature
With a swimming pool and a living area

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Stay updated by confirming the invoice
And joining the new group
S.O.L Gathering

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We will officially open the space at 22:00 in the Fire and Water Temple in a voice and joint movement. In an accessible ceremony, meditative cocoa opens the heart, planting intention and intensifying the journey.

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We closed the journey 24 hours after its start with a circular play led by Yonatan Meir Kimchi and accompanying artists

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