Tue 14 May 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Culture Palace - Habima Square, Tel Aviv,

Korah Yuval Itach and Reuven Gitter in conjunction with the Israel Yoga Festival present:

Peace Trough Sacred Chant
Senatam Kaur for the first time in Israel! .
Tuesday 14.5.2019 Tel Aviv Cultural Hall


After many years of anticipation, we are very excited to announce the debut of Snatam Kaur in Israel.

Senatam Kaur, a woman with the voice of an angel, a singer valued by millions of world music fans, a genre in which she serves as a leading global voice, with her wonderful singing from all sides …

From yoga and meditation meddos all over the world, to sweeping performances that fill thousands of halls in Europe, America, Asia, year after year after year, to festivals and special ceremonies around the world.

Sanatam Kaur is thriving with her band as part of their international tour for a unique, rare and unique evening of sacred poetry, ancient mantras and prayers of peace and unity in the Mann Auditorium in the heart of Tel Aviv. However, with special acoustics, a house for philharmonic and countless other concerts, And more worthy.

This is a concert that is more of a mass meditative ritual, with the audience participating in poetry and taking part in it, the energy created in the space, the healing and vibration of poetry and music, togetherness, unity, sounds, meaning, the one born, all of these create a powerful and unforgettable experience of transcendence beyond time and place. A journey through the depths of consciousness.

A historic evening to be engraved in such a heart that it is not worth a miss.

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