Thu 22 November 2018 | 11:30 pm - 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv, 70 NIS


Yooo it’s been ages..hasn’t it?

We’ve been itching for a while now but experience taught us that sometimes it is better to wait for the right moment, in the right place with right artist…

So we waited a little, then a little more .. and then they told us “yes”.

No,one is getting married, however we do have an event of the Skunk, at the Block, with Oceanvs Orientalis (!) on Nadav’s birthday .. !!

Quietly and silently, with lots of patience and a whole lot of love, we have ensamled an event, composed of three spaces, three themes and one soft energy, caressing just like the fur of the skunk and if to be honest…. We are next level excited knowing we are about to meet all of you in Tel Aviv’s sound temple, with a booking we waited for quite a while, that we struggled finding the words to write up this event, so we’ve decided to just write the truth as it is ..

Well we finished chewing your heads off and it seems to us that we can move on to the artistic part

Oceanvs Orientalis – Turkey (Kanto Records,Bar 25)
Nadav Dagon (Drumtek Records, King Street Sounds)
Asaf Samuel & Hectik ׂ(Malka Tuti / Fortuna Records)
Feller (Wavos, Skunk TLV)

Yotam Avni (Innervisions, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Hotflush)
Anna Haleta (Pacotek, The Block)
Moshe Abutbul & Assaf Adato (No Waves Records / Alphabetׁ) ׁׁ

Laroz Camel Rider (Soul Selectas, Buddha-Bar, Camel Riders)
Omri Smadar (Ostra Discos, Nana Disc)
Kolot Me Africa – קולות מאפריקה

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