Wed 3 April 2019 | 10:30 am - 10:30 pm
Nalaga'at Center - Nalaga'at Center, Tel Aviv,


The Freedom Conference is a unique enterprise founded by the New Liberal Movement and the Ayn Rand Center in Israel and brings together the people and organizations working to promote personal and economic freedom in Israel.

Israeli society faces great and complex challenges in the areas of security, economy and society, and the prevailing perception that it is possible to meet all these challenges by controlling, legislating and regulating the life of society and citizens raises deep concern and great concern for the freedom of the individual and the fabric of life in Israel.

A modern, liberal and vibrant society depends on the freedom of expression and the press, freedom of movement, freedom of thought and belief, freedom of association and freedom from the arbitrary nature of the administration as long as it does not harm the body or property of another. The role of the government is to preserve the freedom of its citizens so that they can live their lives freely, without fear of violence or coercion, on the part of the government or other citizens.
The conference brings together the best speakers, researchers, journalists, politicians and businessmen who deal with this issue in daily life, either from ideology or from the existential necessity of life in Israel.

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