Sun 31 December 2017 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Hatta'assiya 9 - Hata'asiya 9, Tel Aviv,

What a year was 2017, a turning point, a year of changes, a year in which authenticity came into our lives and introduced a refreshing spirit, so there is no better way to finish it than at a good party.

This time we chose one of the most beautiful places in Tel Aviv – Industry 9, an urban events complex, enchanted and bustling in Good Vibes.

We recruited the hottest and beloved DJs and the sexiest date of the year.

The party will be opened by Zazi, whose music always takes care of the release of the body and opens all the channels for us, this is why we call him Zazi, The man keeps moving …

Immediately followed by our farvorite duo DJs Jos & Eli.
They say that the two are better than the one and in this case who said was rigth, a double energy bomb of high quality music, they are good, they are correct and they are at their peak. Our new Ambassadors in the world and certainly the best we could have asked for.

Last but not least, Avratz, a professional shuttle pilot, feels the frequency in the yard and always accompanies us on a journey through the outer atmosphere. Always knows the exact rhythm in the place, increases it uniquely and can always be trusted with closed eyes that leads the head and body to the right place.

If you decide to buy a ticket, leave the house on a winter day and pay the price of the day after, then also make an internal decision to come to us to enjoy, to rejoice, to fly, to open A new year at peak energies.

Come open, come beautiful and lets dance.

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