Thu 10 May 2018 | 8:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv - 21 Levontin st, Tel Aviv, 80 NIS

A moment after he finished a joint column with Radiohead in South America as part of the “Jinnon” project, Shay Ben Tzur returns to Avraham Bar with his new Israeli ensemble – The Travelers – on a festive and exciting Grove evening!
Live party, cross continents and borders, tastes and styles.

Shay Ben-Zur, on the line between India and Israel, has succeeded in creating an original, personal and new musical language that combines Kavali’s poetry with the Hebrew language, between rock worlds and Rajasthan desert music.
Ben Tzur’s unique music, he met him with guitarist Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead) to create the international project “Johnon”, which has won worldwide prestige and countless performances all over the world and in prestigious festivals (Primavera, Best Kept Secret and more).

Shai’s local performances are accompanied by an amazing rhythm unit that includes two drummers, making the dance an experiential and measurable party of emotion and transcendence. The ensemble includes Yossi Fine – Bass, Canaan Canetti on Vibraphone and Sineth, Tal Cohen and Ben Eilon – drums. The space of the hostel – on the one hand industrial, on the other hand warm and inviting, a crossroads for backpackers from all over the world – was chosen to host the special journey, which seemed to be the beginning of a tradition. In Round 2, Shay Ben Tzur and the Travelers will host the Queen of Groove and the Sol Karolina for a first and intriguing encounter between the two. The pair will also join the African quarter – Eliasaf Bashari and Yakir Sasson – who in the past two years have managed to form a unique sound that ranges from Arabic makama to African music with a very strong connection to the base of the here and now.

Expect a sound experience stretching from India in the east, rolling into the Middle East and reaching Africa. A unique evening in which the boundaries are blurred, the genres swirl to appear for a one-time party.

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