Thu 22 November 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Israeli Opera House - Sderot Sha'ul HaMelech 19, Tel Aviv,

Shuli Rand
From “good point” to “repetition”
New show – special festive premiere
On the occasion of the release of the album on 2.9 New Year’s Eve!
• • •
Thursday, November 14 th
Start of the show: 21:00
The Performing Arts Center, 19 Shaul Hamelech Blvd., Tel Aviv
• • •
Shuli Rand – the man behind me and before one of the most important and moving works of the past decade.
The album “Nekuda Tova”, which brought to the Israeli soundtrack songs that have become an important part of Israeli culture without differences in sex and age, with a song like “iconic” Eicha who managed to burn the hearts of everyone and unite them for one moment uplifting.
After years of tense anticipation, Shuli Rand is finally unveiling the new album “Ratzu V’Shuv” which will be launched in a festive and special performance at the Performing Arts Center.
The concert will include all the great songs “Eicha”, “The Poet”, “What is the Purpose”, “Ben King of Gems”, “Mochin Dekatanot”, and of course the songs of the new album that will soon become part of all of us.
Shuli Rand – from the talented and rare actors on the screen and stage will be amazing stories as only he knows. Shuli is now receiving praise and praise from all sides for his chilling appearance in the “unofficial” film.

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