Wed 20 December 2017 | 9:45 pm - 11:15 pm
Jaffa Theater - Mifrats Shlomo Promenade 10, Tel Aviv,

Short In Time

Ten Bell Tolls” & “The Day My Father Dies” are two short films by two young directors, Eli Rezik & Nayef Hammoud. Join us in this special screening, in a night filled with young palestinain cinema magic.

About The Films:

Ten Bell Tolls by Eli Rezik
The story of Elias, a 10-year-old reticent orphan living with his grandparents: a priest and a delusional grandmother. Due to unfortunate events, Elias must face the bitterness of life while dealing with his troubled grandmother and those that try to separate them.
Actors: Tarik Qupti, Safaa Amoury, Julian Kassabri, Doraid Lidawi, Rula Zubidat, Hanan Hillo, Tamer
Naffar, A’sem Zoabi, Laila Amoury

The Day My Father Dies By Nayef Hammoud
Salah, an acting student in Paris, heads home to Haifa in order to work on a play based on a eulogy for his father Amar, to his disappointing surprise, Amar likes the idea ,Salah slowly realizes that his dad is no longer the hero he based the play on.

Actors : Adi Khalifa , Adel Abu Raya , Hamza Sgayer , Yara Jarar , Salim Daw , Makram Khoury

Subtitles in English!

Al Saraya Theatre

See you there!

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