Fri 26 July 2019 | 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Japan Embassy in Israel - Berkovich 4, Tel Aviv,

Miso Stories: A star in the Japanese kitchen
Secrets of conservation and wonder of use

Over a thousand sauces are based on Miso paste. The traditional process of soybean fermentation, used in ancient times for the conservation of fish and vegetables, was recognized by UNESCO as an asset to mankind.

Today, conservation techniques for food products have developed significantly, thus avoiding waste of raw materials in the food industry.

Miso, sake and soy sauce, are actually made from the same source.

Mr. Boaz Tsairi has been involved in learning and developing Japanese food products or over thirty years. He will explain how the Miso is produced, show a variety of products that can be produced and share secrets and easy to make recipes combining Miso and local products.
Curious? Join us and taste and learn!

Limited number of seats. free entrance, preregistration is a must!

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