Sat 21 September 2019 | 8:29 pm - 11:23 pm
Barby - Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv,

A hand in the air Anyone who shit on himself now (Tommy Ra’im 2) caught the huge smile. Why did we do the white for the event and now our tooth looks like the North Star? Here is the following:

** Shazamat \\ album launch show \\ 21.9 \\ Barbie \ Saturday night Queen ** A

big binge on the way There’s a smell of blows here:
two years we hang out together. We board a dismantled vehicle and drive across our deadly country. (Open a smoking window in the car)
Now we are releasing an album. whole. 12 tracks that make up a bunch of sweating boys with a big dream spikes in the ass and cheese chitos.
And we chose to realize it in Barbi: to
say we are excited, will be an Understimant – Shai has already been eating a Ziprelax with milk, and Eshchan is turning around muttering to himself, “Maybe we made a mistake, maybe we made a mistake”

We know it’s a high mountain to climb over and maybe better to hide under the blanket in the dark when the refrigerator in the bathroom makes scary noises. But, Fuck It Who does not dare stay Ashkenazi forever and inhabit we are surrounded by a tribe of friends who will conquer a small country for us. (And a standby squad of distant cousins ​​for emergencies)

Yalla Ultras Shazmat Let’s do it big. It will be an evening we will not forget all our lives, and even before we die at the age of 27 we will tell this to the grandchildren.
His book. Distribute. It is the most helpful and exciting in the world to see you feel part of this thing. From the beginning to death includes – we are you. Just from writing about it the adrenalin begins to spread and the spasm begins to spread and the leg jumps like this at 150 BPM.
Full of friends will be hosted and appear and will be released and we promise to tell everything but at the moment we will leave it mysterious.
Yalla has a game.

2 lines for us who were looking for the page of mothers cooking together and came here by accident:
Hip hop Live that comes to honor the written word and music that will move your neck and make your head work in every way – try to convey a unique point of view in every song – to make people think and listen while they dance madly.
The goal is to give the audience the feeling that it is watching a play and a story in which all seven members of the ensemble are involved in every change within the song and create an atmosphere of a large and strong kro on stage.

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