Thu 23 May 2019 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
WayCup Coffee - Yohanan Hasandler 23, Tel Aviv,

Event Organizers & Producers, Kaie Whodat Bird & Daniella Shimshon
Hosting Cafe Waycup Coffee mikve, Tel Aviv
Headline Sponsors, Ruthcoffee – & WayCup Coffee

Sharing Tables, is very proud to announce Tel Aviv’s upcoming Barista Jam VI at WayCup Mikveh this upcoming May 23rd, to celebrate our local baristas and the local coffee community here in Israel.

This will be SharingTables 6th Barista Jam to host in Israel, with Kaie Bird and Daniella Shimshon organizing and producing this event.
We are very proud to be collaborating with two great local sponsors, who believe in these community events as much as we do. Thanks to Ruthcoffee – קפה רות for being rock our star sponsor, allowing us to bring this great event to you and for community!!!

FREE for audience to come, watch, and enjoy the coffee madness!!

Our event is FREE for all to attend, with a 40 NIS “Early-Bird” entry fee for every Barista to compete in event.

*40 NIS is the “early-bird” special, to encourage baristas to sign-up early. // Those who wait to sign-up at the event will pay ***60 NIS*** to register for event.

( = ( = ( = SPECIAL: 10 NIS Beer at event for you to enjoy, thanks to WayCup Coffee! = ) = ) = )

Latte Art Throw Down: Rules

After the brackets are set, pairs of baristas will compete at the same time.
The first round will be QUICK: each set of baristas will have 2.00 minutes to pour and present their cup to judge. For the first round ONLY, there will be a set beginner latte art design used for everyone.
The latte art design for baristas to draw will be chosen by spinner after the first round, with latte art designs increasing in difficulty. Baristas will produce one cup to present to the judges. Brackets will be single elimination, winner will advance to next round.

Baristas will present their latte art to the judge, after a short time of deliberation, the MC will count to three and all three judges will simultaneously point to the drink they think is the best. That drink will be the winner and that barista will advance to the next round. Judges will have the following criteria in mind as drinks are judged: contrast, symmetry, balance and beauty. (More about this coming on Wednesday!)

You must use the on-site La Marzocco Classic espresso machine, Compak S10 in the supplied grinder, milk from MilkIt device, and the provided 250ml latte cups.
Participants are allowed to bring his or her own pitcher or can use the ones provided at cafe.

The last two baristas, which will remain in the competition, will enter the finals. Compete head to head, with 3 pours. Our Latta Art Champion, there will be those who will merge 2 winning wins out of 3.



>>>>>>> #TNTtelaviv <<<<<<<<<< A bit of background about this “Barista Jam/ TNT Throwdown/ Thursday Night Throwdown event below: The Barista Jam, also known as “Latte Art Competition” or “Thursday Night Throwdown (TNT)”, will bring together some of the best baristas in Israel, head-to-head, to test their latte art skills and see who shall be named the newest ‘Latte Art Queen/King of TLV’- crown included- with tons of other fabulous prizes for the winner. “A barista party. For baristas, celebrating baristas, by baristas. All that jazz. It’s a space for people to come together, enjoy some music and show off skills to an appreciative–often adoring–audience. Anyone competing has the chance to get to know other professionals as well as celebrate their own skills. Really, it’s just feel good time with an MC and raffle prizes” This is what our Barista Jam is all about, y’all. For anyone who enjoys coffee and an event to bring people together in a fun way. This event isn’t about being all stuffy and some professional event with endless rules, but rather a fun party to bring people together who love coffee!! “It’s a perfect way to celebrate the craft of coffee.” Yes, baristas compete but healthy competition benefits everyone’s skills and talents. Don’t let the word ‘competition’ scare you off though, as our event is more about bringing coffee lovers together than following strict rules and regulations. It’s a party to celebrate the people behind the coffee bar and the craft it takes to hone the skills needed to make those beautiful cups of coffee we quickly devour and that fuel our days. Our event’s main focus is a celebration of Tel Aviv, and Israel’s, coffee community that has been developing the past few years, with focus on celebrating the barista, as a professional, who is passionate about their work. >>>>>>> #TNTtelaviv <<<<<<<<<<


Many more details to be released soon about the prizes for the winners and raffle gifts for audience, sponsors of the event, and other wonderful magic to expect during our barista jam party. So keep checking back for updates and announcements.

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