Sat 13 July 2019 | 5:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Shalma 148 - Shalma 148, Tel Aviv,

The Hounds of Love, in collaboration with Venn Shapira are proud to present

❤❤❤❤❤ SHAPIRA FUSION ❤❤❤❤❤

A musical handshake event bringing together top artists from the Kerem Hateimanim and Shapira neighborhoods.

A brand new venue in the heart of the Shapira community.

All lovers of music are invited to hang with us, get dancing and make friends in this one-off production.

This event is family friendly and dogs are welcome 🙂

✪✪ Tickets – 35₪ at ✪✪


***** DROPA *****
A refreshing new band inspired by different musical genres.
Dropa’s style is influenced by reggae, hip hop, groove, funk, rock, and more…guaranteed to make you move to the rhythm.

Dropa’s members :
Vocals: Jah-Zal Badda Rada
Guitar: Lotan Halevi
Bass: Matan Inbari
Drums: Roy Maimon

Elijah fuses modern American style folk music with world percussion.

“Although his approach is eclectic, he is a true American in that regard. He has studied Brazilian, Afro Cuban, South Indian and Jazz musical forms which he has been distilling into an original voice.”

-Jamey Haddad (Lead percussionist for Paul Simon)

“Elijah Aaron has raised the bar for one-man bands everywhere. ”

***** Sara Miedzigorski *****

After playing and performing with other artists, Sara will play a new show of her own material. She will play mellow ambient instrumental music using a guitar, effects and a loop machine. She will also be hosting two of her amazing girlfriends- Tamar Meoded and Noam Gilady, who will sing in two cover songs that Sara has arranged.

***** Roy Chay *****

Roy Chay is a much-loved personality in the Tel Aviv live music scene. He plays a mixture of rock and blues combining harmonica and guitar. He plays with a unique free-flowing style that he has honed over years of performing at jam nights and live shows.

***** Shvesters *****

Polina Fradkin and Chava Levi weirdly obsess over Yiddish tunes. These young gals grew up jamming out, singing their hearts out, and sending goosebumps all across the land to all who heard them sing. They played a lot of music together. How much you ask? So much that people started to think that they were Shvesters (Sisters in Yiddish, hence the name of the band). They promise to send you back to a simpler more funky time. You will experience nostalgia and your tuchus will shake.

***** Shahar Shiry *****

Shahar is a producer and songwriter, mixing styles of electronic chill music with folk and blues in a minimalistic one man show.

88FM, 106.2FM And all over Tel Aviv.
Tropical music. analog & electronic House, Disco, Arab, Latin, African, Brazil, Israeli with a bit of humor.

***** Kramer House *****

Kramer House (aka Ariella Kramer) is an up-and-coming DJ from London. A purveyor of uplifting, infectious sounds bringing a feel-good atmosphere. Kramer House plays music for the people and for this even will play a mixture of Soul/Funk and Reggae music.


Alhan Jeries is a fine artist, painter, sculptor, art therapist, interdisciplinary artist, design and installation artist, body paint and tattoo artist and bringer of peace 🙂

During the musical performances she will carry out her “Live Dialogue of Sound and Colour” installation; an alternative healing approach developed at the Alhan Academy for Art and Life.

Cover art by Gili Delirium
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