Thu 1 March 2018 - Sat 3 March 2018 | 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Dead Sea - Massada, Massada, 300 NIS

3 days at a private beach at the Dead Sea, 2 stages, many DJ’s, live shows, stand-up, selected workshops, private pool, 3 options for rooms, cozy and comfortable surroundings.
We love all types of music – FUSION
Music is sacred. Music brings us release and opens our hearts and consciousness
We love DJ’s that connect us deeply to our roots and send us flying high into the galaxies
We love the dance floor full of ecstatic dance and with as little as possible talking, smoking, and litter
We love to surrender to a journey of dance. A tribe of beautiful people exploding in ecstasy on the dance floor, wreaking havoc with our bodies and souls and coming together, each one connecting to the whole.
Our vision is a dance floor that is pulsating, smiling, surrendering… with no effort
Bathing in the magical frequency…
We believe in the message that moves both through words and through music – God is a DJ.

✿✿2 Dance Floors ✿✿

✿ TranceFormation Stage
Powerful amphitheater – a space with relatively high BPM – great electronic music, live shows and music from around the world

✿ Dance Garden Stage
A space of sweet shows, magical ambiance, a few connecting and balancing workshops and music from a variety of genres with lower BPM.

♪ Pettra
Yonatan Shriver – Pettra – with a set of Ethnic Progressive Trance

♪ Symbolico
Moroccan vibes that walk the line between glitch, dub, and world music with awakening existential messages. A journey from the heart to the stars.

♪ DJ BeatsBoots
Mark Berkovich in 2 sets that will send us to outer space.
★ Full on Set
★ Goa Set

Fresh is a live loop artist who with the help of electronic instrumentation, singing and audience participation creates a performance that will sweep you away, different each time.

♪ Yestegan chaY
Asaf “Yestegan” Simchai, psydub artist who creates original melodic music inspired by ethnic Mizrahi tunes.

♪ Coam
The unique project of Amit Marco of pure downtempo, psybient, and electronic. Optimistic and energetic set of consciousness-opening sound, gently psychedelic, with deep sweeping beats.

A deep meditative trance journey into the heart accompanied by rhythmic didgeridoo.

♪ Yudan Maivar
★ Flowresta Set
Forest music from the Amazon to the Sahara Desert
★ The sound temple set
A deep and light fantasy journey, medicine psychedelic style, with a sprinkle of classic.

♪ Go-Love
★ Global Electronic Set
Yair Golov with a groovy, electronic, ecstatic journey around a dance ball, movement and inspiration — global beats, ethnic electronic — all the way from downtempo to trance.
★ Chil-Medicine Closing Set – Closing and landing set — a space for shamanic electronic integration

♪ DJ Beatfulness
Yigal Tratkovski with a deep journey that crosses styles and continents that will move the body and the heart.

♪ Bun Bun
Yair Sadi with a funky electronic DJ set full of bass and rich rhythms.

♪ Leto CC
Oriya Epstein with a break, glitch, funk and bass DJ set. Musical journey full of happiness and dancing.

✿✿ Concerts
★ The Show of Mrs. Ravia ★
Kurdish-spiritual Stand-up from the old woman who doesn’t shut up

♪ Live – KABAKO
Live African Tribal Rhythm
Kabako means ‘inspiration.’ Inspiration that originates from African music, deeply-rooted and tribal with ancient and magical instruments

♪ Live ~ Malaika Trio
3 marvelous women – Liron Miohas, Roni France and Yael Saroni
During the show they combine unique rhythms on percussion instruments from Africa and around the world, together with melodies created on African xylophones and harp, pantam and song.
The show moves from gentle, magical sounds to African tribal trance

♪ Live – Uria Tsur
Intuitive Conscious music
A musical journey in an enveloping and loving groove.

♪ Orka
Purim Kabbalat Shabbat — exposing, exciting, and connecting with the amazing Orka

♪ Live – The Package of Life – Yehoo Shalem and Hadas Hochberg
Duo show with original songs, integration of original lyrics and Eastern and Western sounds, celebration and prayer.

♪ Ecstatic Dance
Ecstatic Dance session facilitated by Roni Makatu with DJ Beatfulnes

♪ Expect additional exciting surprises.

✿ 2 Workshop Spaces ✿
Evolution Space ~ Connection Space
Movement and dance ★ Contact ★ Yoga ★ Massage and touch ★ Excellent lectures ★ Consciousness-opening sessions ★ Workshops for healing and heart opening ★ and more
★ We are still working on the list of facilitators. For now we will tell you that Ohad Ezrahi and Shahar Caspi are coming ★

✿ There is a PLAYGROUND space with 5 pool tables, arcade games, 2 ping pong tables and more (so we won’t forget to be kids sometimes…)
During the day there will be 2 dedicated and sweet daycare providers with materials for creativity and games for kids. Parents and kids will be able to play — each in their own way.

✿ The food is vegan, tasty, healthy and reasonably priced.
Sushi, soups, stews, shakes, vegan pizza, salads and more.
The beach restaurant will also be open and serving a variety of vegetarian and vegan food.

✿ The amazing location!
Beach resort Biankini will easily host us all — many toilets and showers, a big pool, comfortable dance floors and workshop spaces, camping areas and a gorgeous view.
(There is direct access to a private beach with a fresh spring water shower for after your dip)
The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, known for its good air, healing minerals and the inner peace that it provides. It is also known for good weather. Expect that it will be hot during the day and cool at night.
We are already imagining all of us dissolving together in this location.

✿ We are organizing the music and promise high-quality sound and amplification with the Funktion-one sound system.

✿ The celebration is relatively intimate and limited to around 900 celebrators; we believe the tickets will fly out.
We recommend that you order your ticket soon!

Early Sale tickets – 300 NIS
Regular Price – 350 NIS
Kids age 8-12 – 120 NIS
Kids under 8 – free!

There is also very limited space for helpers and assistants: sign up here

✿ Rooms
Resort Biankini offers pampering guest rooms for couples, families and friends.
The room includes: double bed, sitting area with sofa bed, coffee corner, mini refrigerator, air-conditioning, WiFi, private porch with a sitting area and a private exit to the grass lawns. You can have all of this from 1000 NIS per couple
Additional person over 3 years – 300 NIS
(for a baby up to age 2 there is a security payment of 50 NIS)
All of the rates are for 2 nights

✿ Dorm Tent
You are invited to reserve a mattress in a large shared room at a rate of 200 NIS for 2 nights

✿ Good to bring >
Towel (for the Dead Sea and the pool!). Camping equipment – tent, mattress, sleeping bag/blanket, musical instruments, yoga mattress and/or shawl for workshops.

✿ We love dogs very much but it is not possible to enter with a dog.
✿ Campfires are prohibited on the resort land and on the beach. There will be one central fire.

✿ A bit about us:
Sufi Haim ~
Consciousness researcher and creator of healing and recharging spaces
In the past I produced galactic rave parties and the ‘Sound Healing’ festival
In the last 5 years I produce with immense gratitude the Sacred Journey.
I am excited to return the color of ‘Shambala’ to production

Roni Makatu ~
Creator of personal development and sacred spaces
Producer of festivals, workshops, and gatherings characterized by love and connection
In the past producer and creator of Harmony Art and Earth Dance
Producer of Ecstatic Dance in Israel, ISTA Festival, HaBordal
One of the founders of Heartbeat
Co-creator of the youth empowerment movement called IT
I am grateful for this magical integration that will open hearts and unite worlds

✿ We feel deeply honored to create this tribal gathering
To enable a space for wreaking havoc and wild celebration that is connected to the heart…
We are all stars… we are all special souls…
The “regular world” with its routine and rat race weighs heavily on us sometimes
Our souls are asking for spaciousness and freedom
We were blessed with the opportunity to create such a space and are so looking forward to dancing with all of us.

✿ Purim is a holiday of celebration
A Jewish holiday… According to Judaism at the End of Days all holidays will be abolished except for Purim…
We have an opportunity to wear wild costumes and add splashes of color to the carnival.
Our masks and costumes offer us release from our automatic patterns.
We all wear masks… on Purim we remind each other of this.
On Purim we all remind ourselves of the freedom that is beyond the masks.

~Until all boundaries collapse in sweet surrender~

Did you read until here?
You already have your costumes?
Are you as excited as we are?
We will see you soon on the dance floor because we love really love to dance

❤ We love and are here for all of us
Sufi and Roni

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