Thu 29 November 2018 - Sat 1 December 2018 | 6:00 pm
62 Anielewicz Street - 62 Anielewicz Street, Tel Aviv,

A rare opportunity to peer beyond the curtain of the hidden world. A world in which time does not exist, and knowledge flows and seeks to materialize through matter.

As soon as you pass the front door, you are ready to dive into your inner world, into the sensations of your body. Be willing to see the whole world from another angle.

A fascinating and experiential weekend of shamanic journey and healing for body and soul. Diving into the hidden world of self-discovery, connecting to strong intuition and inner truth, developing special healing abilities, and receiving clear answers to life.


Shamanic Journey This is a process of entering the subconscious, the unconscious and the invisible parallel worlds. It is a process of dreaming in wakefulness with special guidance, which enables us to direct an internal compass to get the answers we are looking for.

The universe speaks to us in dreams. Through the dream we are talking with the subconscious and the unconscious. Through the dream we receive messages that are right for us during this period of life. Through the dream that shamans know how to receive knowledge to heal the physical and energetic body, and know how to use the physical world.

Study subjects:

* Ancient cosmology for shamanic journeys as a tool for entering the spiritual world *
* Connection to non-physical assistants like powerful animals and various guides *
* What is energy, how to feel, move and use it for my benefit and healing *
How do you not waste energy, how do you cure energy?

Shamani’s Dream – What is it and how do you get knowledge from it? *
* How to develop intuition and accurate inner truth? *
* How to get accurate knowledge and messages for ourselves and others? *
* How to scan people with a look and hands? *
* How to really connect wind and matter *

* Hila and energetic field – our external immune system *
* How to protect the energetic field from negative energies? *
* How to identify and cut energetic threads that connect us to other people and influence us? *
* How to complete holes in an energetic field? *

* How to purify myself, people and spaces? *
* How to remove blasts and barriers in the body? *
* How to feel and see the internal processes of the body? *
* How to make accurate decisions easily? *

* How to treat pain and inflammation in the body and remove them? *
How to connect to the depth of the visual and emotional source, and to the deep feelings of the body?
* How to work with guided imagery and enter trans modes with an Indian drum *
How do you change states of consciousness? *
How to do a Shamanic ritual? *
* How to connect to the source of wild power and life energy! *

*** Participation in the workshop is a powerful and sensitive healing process! ***

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