Mon 15 July 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Hangar 23 - Namal Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv,

We go back to the open air, continue the journey and this time into your pinkest dreams … Joris Voorn !

After casting you selected nights in bright colors, we are proud to land here the Dutch hit machine, one of the most fascinating producers of the decade, a brilliant creator with a rare sense and super power to create sets and magnets and temporary pieces.
Yuris Warren Peretz of the Netherlands Techno Underground and since then has become one of the spearhead artists who faithfully represent the Dutch scene worldwide, making Amsterdam one of the international cabing capitals. On the one hand, his roots are deeply rooted in the techno-underground, on the other hand, he pours into his sets influences from all areas of contemporary art – something that we at Sides are very attached to. His harleys have been repeatedly hit by hits on the various charts, the labels he has created: “Green” followed by “Richard”, even deeper into the gospel and proudly represent two different ends of his musical manifesto. And of course – the sets, oh his sets, which have won a legendary status among the clappers in every desirable position in the world.

Shades of madness – in the last Tumorland:
One of the bailers implies the fascinating you’ll hear:
Does magic at MxMag’s lab:
Ewikings with Kulesh:
About local support, one of the hottest Tel Aviv has been in the electronic music world for a long time and who, like Yoram Warren, represents unlimited creative wealth as producer and DJ – Yotam Avni. And also: the dreadful duo Libo & Zarchi and the refreshing talent Omri Sassi.


Joris Voorn

Local support:
Yotam Avni
Leibo & Zarhi
Omri Sasi

the entrance to the event is contingent upon presenting their identity card and voucher production considerations certified software Aibntr
entrance ticket holders will be guaranteed only until 23:30
Ages: 24+
pre-sale: il / shadesjorisvoorn

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