Sat 30 June 2018 | 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
The New Central Bus Station - Levinsky 108, Tel Aviv, 100 NIS

SEVEN is the new artistic achievement of the Mystorin Theatre Group.

Continuing the company’s journey in the urban landscapes of the Tel-Aviv New Central Bus Station, SEVEN poetically intertwines with the terminal’s vivid daily activity.

It becomes part of the station and turns it into a theatrical world of fantasy, shared by performers, audience and passersby. Along with the audience, the show travels the seven floors of the station’s giant structure, from the busy platforms, through the hectic shopping avenues to the covert underground urban-labyrinths, secretly hidden three floors under street level.

SEVEN is a first of its kind site-specific interpretation of an assortment of mystical texts, all linked by the number 7 and the contemplation of the afterlife: Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’, the ‘Seven Skies’ in the Book of Zohar, the New Testament’s Seven Deadly Sins and more. A diverse language of styles and techniques of performance such as aerial acrobatics, acapella singing, movement and visual theatre turns SEVEN into an all-round immersive celebration of colour, texture, sound, movement and emotion.

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