Thu 6 June 2019 | 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

“It proves that you are extraordinary,”
replied the Scarecrow,
“and I am convinced that the only people who are worthy of reference in the world are those who are extraordinary, the ordinary people are like the leaves of a tree, they live and die undetected.”
(Frank Leeman Baum, from the book “The Wonderful Country of Oz”)

This is a story about a group of lunatics who, one fine Thursday morning, decided to go on a quest for the unusual, rare, the other – beyond the boundaries of the familiar and expected.
And as we know, the whole is larger than the sum of its parts and does not have the power of a group –
so why are collectives born if not for the gathering of one giant collective, one huge evening, in one huge club? Is this not the essence of the collective in the first place?

In the atmosphere of the straw and white of weeks
Unusual Thursday @ the Block
are proud to host, stay and go out of our own selves


Seth Schwarz – Seth Schwarz
“Music is a superior revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” (Beethoven)
This quotation is the first thing you will see when you reach Seth’s Facebook page, and there is probably no precise choice to describe the supreme experience it provides to its audience; Apart from being a hysterical violinist, Seth is a rare phenomenon that occurs when one person does everything – producer, DJ, composer. From an early age, he devoted his life to playing, exploring and integrating the worlds of electronic music and classical composition – thus becoming the “van of show” he is today: one that creates new and original symphonic dimensions that are impossible to remain indifferent to. If we start counting all the countries and festivals that appear in it it will never end, so just let his music speak for itself

After the last time he dismantled the Botelag – Piesetsky comes straight from Milan to inaugurate the block plaza; A groundbreaking artist in the Tech House genre, a partner of the hunter / game on the successful label just this, is responsible for some of the most successful dance dances and even several awards. The music is a powerful and special combination of deep textures, beats like the heart and the stabbing. In the best section and sends marble. The amount of festivals and major events that are considered to be more than dozens, so here, too, it is better to save words — >>>


parts of the whole, leading the journey to the land of Oz — >>>

Skulls Melody, Wonder Waves, Techno Happy and Mouse Kicks – all this and more by the collective of DJs and artists that grew from the Breingman culture. Dirty stands behind the pirate camp label of the pirates, and we’re pretty sure it speaks for itself.

Obscure – celebrates
less than a year Hebrew, more English; The innovative collective consists of 3 ribs that bring with them an international audience and fragrance; The winning trio is responsible for Wednesday at Sputnik under the last week’s “Newsworthy” line that has been shaking the scene every week since. In addition, they played at Ma’ariv, Slipers, Ender 52 and others – and now they are coming to celebrate with us. Hot.

Breeze Collective – Kollective breeze
A group that was born at the underground and free-of-the-way beach parties, “ghost boys,” and from it the Dijis formed and said, Come on, you come to town. From house to techno and everything in between and beside them; What moves hands and asses; This group has provided more and more people this year with the special energy that comes from the soul straight to the ground.

The generations of the land of Oz:
Grandma (savta)
on the mantle, support, precision, partnership, home, love of truth and glue of everything.

Toto without which the journey will simply not be finished:
beat boutique
bout the flying, lifting, hooking the tail and the twist to close all corners.


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