Wed 29 January 2020 | 8:00 pm - 10:45 pm
Shevet - Paul Kor 16, Tel Aviv,

It is the journey of a sensitive person in the modern world. Full of upheaval, crises, divine moments of euphoria alongside moments of self-destruction not created by the devil.

I have experienced a lot of pain in my life in a volume I did not know how to weaken. I wanted to mute the voice in my head that told me in great detail how my most horrible nightmares were going to come true. I didn’t want to be emotionally involved to feel less pain. At one point – I didn’t want to feel at all.

Discovering in my journey the never-ending power of connecting to my sensibility, I found that I have a treasure that unfolds whenever I give way to what I feel exists and come to fruition.

I learned to channel emotion and generate momentum from it even in the most devastating moments of the crisis. And for this insight, I come to speak in the “tribe.”

My name is Parking Sparrow. Personal trainer and lecturer for applying emotion as a powerful source.
Writes out of emotion in the last three years through the page “Give the soul a sparrow”.
Accompanied by workshops and emotional empowerment lectures around the country.

After an amazing first workshop that took place during November and was very sympathetic, it was clear to me that I was coming back as soon as possible! During the workshop, we will look at and expand our perspective on emotion, learning emotional practice on how to recognize Loop thinking and create a new space within us. And above all and above all – we create a refreshing new discourse around authentic emotion and expression.

Sunday 29.01.2020
19:30 Gathering

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