Wed 26 December 2018 | 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Cafe Shapira - Ralbag 15, Tel Aviv, FREE

On Wednesday, 26.12, Ran Tal’s film “Paradise” will be screened at Cafe Shapira.
This is a special and exciting screening especially because it is the last screening of a documentary in Shapira for 2018 !!

** Before the screening of the film we will toast the end of the year **

“Garden of Eden” is the story of Gan Hashlosha, known as “Sakhna” – a national park and a resort, one of the largest, most famous and most visited parks in Israel.

For a whole year – spring, summer, autumn and winter, the film follows the Sahna.
In a spectacular cinematic expression, the film tells the story of the people who visit and work in it, a fascinating and touching collection of characters.

The Garden of Eden is a story of a magical place full of contradictions, which attracts all the elements of Israeli identity – between the hills of grass, trees and sparkling pools crowded not only the barbecue and the spa, but all the materials of the Israeli story. Ideology, history, archeology, politics, pioneering, Zionism – and criticism of it. Just some resorts are probably only in Europe.

Director Ran Tal, who dismantled and reassembled the kibbutz myth in his successful film “Children of the Sun,” looks at the depths of Israeli society in the least expected place – a national holiday resort. With an original and penetrating look, he presents viewers with a fascinating film with a lot of humor, beauty, pain and compassion.

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