Sun 22 March 2020 - Thu 26 March 2020 | 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
All over Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv , Tel Aviv,

On the occasion of Sustainability 2020, for the second time from 22-26.3, we will be hosting “Tel Aviv-Jaffa on Science” week, with a variety of science and environmental film lectures and screenings to be held in the Green Urban note business, in collaboration with the Israeli Association of Ecology and Environmental Sciences .

The main meeting will be on Monday, March 23 at 6:30 pm, in the former “Fosiket” building on Site Square, Hayarkon 169. Let’s put the environment on the forefront of science as part of a women’s climate event. At a lecture by Dr. Neta Lipman.

💡 Sunday, March 22, 18:30
Jellyfish in the people: Burns, climate change, plastic and what is in between / Dr. Dor Adelist.
Location: May 6, Ben Ami St. 13.

22 Sunday, March 22, 20:00
The climate crisis geopolitics / Dr. Uri Sharon.
Location: Zuzu, Rothschild Blvd 32.

💡 Sunday 22.3, 20:
The Plastic Age: How to Get Rid of the Addiction of Humankind to Plastic / Dr. Adi Levy. Location: Sputnik Bar, 12 Allenby St.

💡 Sunday, March 22, 20:00
Man-made global warming / Dr. June Goldsmith.
Location: Cafe Grain,

Masilat Yesharim Street 24. 23 Mon 23.3, 19:00 Wrap in
white: from Egyptian cotton to Milan’s fashion houses, how much does the textile industry have on the environment? / Dr. Daphne Disney.
Location: Coffee Moment, 57 Sheinkin St.

💡 Mon 23.3, 20:00
Public Transport and the City / Dr. Nadav Levy.
Location: Cafe Shapira, 15th

St. Raleigh St. 💡 Tuesday, March 24, 7:30 pm
The biological clock in the modern era / Prof. Noga Kronfeld Shore.
Location: A. La Rampa, 21.

Hamel St. 💡 Tuesday, March 24, 20:00
World Food Crisis: Waste or Deficiency? / Dr. Adi Levy.
Location: Michelangelo, Ben Tardion St. 2.

24 Tuesday, March 24, 19:00
Film screening – Dealers + Lecturer / Maor Gilmarn.
Location: 9

Maza, 9 Maza St. ה Wed 25.3, 18:30
on plastic and where it all goes / Dr. Noam van der Hal

25 Wed 25.3, 19:00
Red, green, and without being confused: The close connection between healthy food and the environment / Dr. Hagit Olanovsky.
Location: Barzilai Farm, 6 Ahad Ha’am

St. 25 Wed 25.3, 20:00
Circular Economy: The Industrial Revolution on the Road / Dr. Eric Rivkin.
Location: Coffee Makers,

Mizra St. 4. 26 Thursday, March 26, 20:00
Film screening – 2040 and lecture by Maor Gilmern.
Location: Cafe Shapira, 15 Relbag St..

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