Tue 6 November 2018 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Beit Kandinof - Hatzofim 14, Tel Aviv,

We are excited to host the artist Dafna Talmon in our space in November.

Saying goodbye to your things, the gift project || Dafna Talmon

“After more than three years of wandering in search of a free lifestyle, I felt that I had to formulate a new mechanism that would allow me freedom and return home, but the desire to be free led me to thoughts about the weight I carry on my neck – equipment, possessions and many objects that define me and my life. Itai has been renting the apartment over the years.

And now, after many years of wandering, which I did not need, I no longer need them. With this understanding, I began to work in a Sisyphean documentation. At the end of which I edited “trial” objects in which I decided what was left with me and what I was saying. ”

Want to take part?
A voice calls out to you – do you have full cabinets? Is it hard for you to part from things? Let’s break free with me!

After giving my things a sentence, and handing them over as gifts wrapped in an exhibition at the Midrasha Gallery, I will arrive at the Kennedy Residence in Kandinoff in November to work on the project “Saying Goodbye to Your Things”. And here you come into the picture.

I urge you to join me on a journey of liberation – your closets full of clothes you do not wear? Books you will not read? Tools that raise dust? Call me to go through the process with you. Contact me and I’ll get you home. Together we will fill a box with things that are difficult for you to release, document, talk, overcome, and release. We’ll laugh, cry and reminisce. At the end of the meeting I will leave with the crate that you have released. From there I will arrive at the Kennedy House where there will be a packing parfum, construction of an establishment and of course a gift distribution – one of them is an unknown gift of another.

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