Thu 14 November 2019 - Sat 16 November 2019 | 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Nahal Shittim - Hadarom, Hadarom,

The Sacred Journey in its’ new incarnation

We are excited to invite you
to 3 days of expansion of our consciousness, heart, body and livelihood

At the wonderful and special space of the “Desert Asharm”,
a colorful oasis 30 minutes from Ramon Airport.

A tribal, heart opening journey, that will expand your consciousness
A journey into the power of togetherness
A journey of freedom, friends, healing, joy, love and great happiness.

For those of you that haven’t been with us yet, here is a short & amazing VIDEO:


The Journey happens all in one space –
there is only one content at each given moment of the journey.
You won’t miss a thing!
We are all invited to go through this journey together.
A personal experience within a very powerful collective field.

The Journey is a space to be reminded that
~ We are spectacular creatures of beauty ~
Each and every one of us –
In his/her simple & unique humanity.
We all share beauty, joy, sadness, pain, pleasure, creativity,
fear, love, contraction and expansion,
In the Journey – All is Welcome
A space to be who I am – in a royal manner!

✫ A journey that combines elements of celebration, sacredness while deepening into emotions and states of consciousness.
✫ A combination of a personal journey and ecstatic collective experiences.
✫ Diverse, deep, transformational and significant workshops.
✫ A beautiful party – celebrating life in this body we were given.
✫ A commemoration of the sacred journey, which is this wonderful life.
✫ Colorful and fun festive space, full of magical people.

At the journey, everyone chooses how deep to go.
are you currently ready to dive in and participate actively?
Or take it easy and enjoy a simple festive and healing experience…?
Every choice is welcome!


✫ Sacred Flow ✫
Celebrational-meditative space,
For diving into the depths of consciousness and fly high into the cosmos
With the shaman of the dance floor, who will make us a particularly magical night.

and also…
✫ Celebration Of Life Party ✫
The final party, to celebrate our new family

★✫★ Singing circle with OROT ★✫★
The ensemble of International Singing Circles
Orot leads this wonderful genre in the country and around the world.
A musical journey of connection to the essence, opening the heart and a powerful and liberated vocal expression.

★✫★ The 4 Elements Workshop ★✫★
One of the highlights of the Journey –
A journey of ecstatic-ceremonial dance.

★✫★ BREATHE IN ★✫★
Liberating and powerful breathing session with Sufi Haim

★✫★ Men Circle with Uria Tsur ★✫★
and at the same time —
★✫★ Women Circle with Orka Teppler ★✫★
Powerful circles, which will take place simultaneously ~
Experience unity and partnership between the genders.

★✫★ Michael Finkel – Meet. Land. love. ★✫★
A Heart opening workshop, at the beginning of the journey before the opening ceremony.

★✫★ Tantra-yoga with Naama Hanegbi ★✫★
★✫★ Dharma Yoga with Smadar Edelman ★✫★

★✫★ Uria Tsur ★✫★
One of the 3 Journey producers,
Is returning to the community after a life-changing car accident,
He continues to guide the journey and share his insights – with which he returned from the edge …
We are very excited!

★✫★ DJ WOLF (Austria) ★✫★

★✫★ Exciting ceremonies and shared communal pulses ★✫★
An opportunity to open up to the new, to free oneself in mind and body,
Meet your partners in the journey and connect with the magic of life…

♥♥♥ More content will be published closer to the event….

There is one intention that is interwoven throughout all the journey
These 3 days are built as a process,
which helps us expand to feel,
release and dissolve worries, fears and pressures,
Be present in the moment and open our hearts.
So that we can meet ourselves and our partners on the journey ~
truly, and with grace to what is.

Journey Spaces

✫★✫ Buddha Hall – The Chariot ✫★✫
The central gathering space, where most of the guided part of the journey takes place.
A sacred space for the personal and communal processes during our 3 days together.

✫★✫ Village Square ✫★✫
A colorful, vibrant lawn for spontaneous community meetings and relaxation.
Parties and performances (in breaks between the main content), shops, juggling, chai-shop and mingling.

✫★✫ Healing Temple ✫★✫
A Supportive and healing space.
Connect to your personal compass and enter in to your inner world.
You are welcome to share, consult, be, rest, explore and receive support.
We have a large team of therapists and medicine people,
coming from various fields with diverse healing tools.
Among other things, you will find there – books, cards for introspection, crystals, medicine from nature and more.
The space will be open 24/7 – no extra charge.
** Held with the wonderful leadership of – Adva lily volk

✫★✫ Temples of Fire, Water, Earth and Wind – TEMPLES of the ELEMENTS ✫★✫
A shamanic energy network, that works with the elements
and supports the emotional and consciousness work of the participants.
Led by ~
Mayetri – FIRE
Rotem Shellef – WiND
Noa Tomer – EARTH
Shaya Shpring – WATER

✫★✫ EMPATHY Space ✫★✫
Space for giving and receiving empathic listening
With Non Violent Communication therapists and facilitators holding the space

Shade, quiet music and calm in the middle of the desert…

✫★✫ ELDERS space ✫★✫
You are invited to meet the elders with their inspiring life experience

The program is full of fun and adventure for little ones

✫★✫ TEENS WORLD – Youth Space ✫★✫
Meeting room, activity and integration for ages 10+

High quality and fun children’s complex
with diverse and enriching activities
♥ Children up to age 12 (inclusive) enter free ♥

❥❥❥❥ And of course … ❥❥❥❥
✫ Vegan food stalls, healthy and tasty, at friendly prices.
✫ Hot water showers and toilets.
✫ Diverse rooms for rent.
✫ Infinite and beautiful desert.
✫ Special people, joy and fun, songs and dances.

More details

✫ Date – Thursday-Saturday – 14-16.11.19

Call to book tickets and rooms or beds in shared rooms –
For further questions and details:
★★★ If you purchased a ticket and cannot come and wish to transfer it to another person – please fill out a card transfer form:
❥❥❥❥ What to bring? ❥❥❥❥
✫ The Ashram is warm during the day and cooler at night – bring clothes accordingly.
✫Camping equipment – Tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, mats, flashlight, hammocks ..
✫ You can bring something to lie down / sit on during the workshops – yoga mat, seat cushion.
✫ You can get a longie Shawl to cover up after the breathing session.
✫ Musical instruments, open heart and yourself.

✫ Please do not bring dogs and gas cookers (for licensing and safety reasons)!

✫ To register as Helpers –

✫ To offer your hand made shop –

✫ For a workshop proposal at the children’s complex –

One Love. One Heart. One Tribe
With Love
Uria Tsur, Liya and Sufi Haim and the Journey team.

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