Sat 6 April 2019 | 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Art Club - Lilienblum 23, Tel Aviv,


In 2012, Russia passed a law banning all public LGBT “propaganda”. Subsequent to the law, it was decided to ban all gay prides in the country for the next 100 years. Instead of waiting for 2112, Kok Schok has initiated a joint venture with “POPOFF KITCHEN”, the gay party line from Moscow, to hold the 2019 Russian Gay Pride parade in Tel Aviv.

The parade is a protest against Russia’s harsh policy breaching human rights in general, and LGBT rights in particular. At midnight on the Saturday of April 6th, a parade will begin, escorted by DJs in the big courtyard of the “Art Club”. The parade is an act of solidarity with our Russian friends in their struggle.

On the night before, it will be possible to rehearse for the parade at the joint Kok Schok – POPOFF KITCHEN party. In the past year, POPOFF KITCHEN’s groundbreaking gay parties from Moscow, have popped their parties off to St. Petersburg and Berlin. POPOFF KITCHEN will be arriving with a showcase of DJs and performances and along with Kok Schok’s residents and our kick-ass loyal local team, we will give birth to a party that even the Russians wouldn’t be indifferent to.
entrance free for all

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