Thu 22 August 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
P8 Gallery - HaPatish 1, Tel Aviv,

Waypoint | Ruby Beckle
Treasure | Gilad Efrat
Opening | 22.08.2019 Time – 20:00 In

Ruby Beckel’s exhibition, Landmark shows two series of works, dust paintings and oil paintings
on canvas of urban landscapes. The sights that sprout from Beckel’s paintings were created following his travels in his childhood districts
in the city of Or Yehuda and in his youth city in Tel Aviv.
Beckel created his paintings and dustworks from photographs taken in a medium format film camera.
There is a direct connection between the photography of the places and the sights that emerge from the paintings. These are mourning and lamentations,
paintings that represent in their language and materiality the inability to describe the intimate experience, the passage of time,
and the attempt to connect with these places. The urban areas that Bechel describes are frequently in a state
of variability, construction momentum and renewal – along with the disintegration and collapse of the buildings. These are attempts
To cling to and preserve it, in familiar and transparent generic areas, nostalgic images in the process of disintegration
and disappearance. This experience is intensified by the use of the bright white color that returns from the fa├žades of the buildings and the presence of the
transient and grainy dust.

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