Mon 9 September 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv - 21 Levontin st, Tel Aviv,

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv continues with its summer tradition –Rooftop Movie Night!

Every week we’ll screen a different Israeli award-winning film.
Entrance is only 10 ILS!
Movies will be screen at the rooftop, on the 3rd floor. No need to sign up in advance.

The screening starts at 21:00 🍿

🎬 26.8 And Then She Arrived
🎬 2.9 Longing
🎬 9.9 Israeli Love Story
🎬 16.9 Morning Trail
🎬 23.9 Everything Is Broken Up And Dances
🎬 30.9 Borrowed Identity

26.8 “And Then She Arrived”
Dan Freilich (30), a handsome and dozy nerd, was sure that his life was all planned out for the next 50 years. Pretty soon he was also supposed to get married, to his high school sweetheart. That’s all you need, isn’t it? Apparently not. Because when Dan meets Meirav Levi (27), a waitress from Jerusalem, he discovers that the feeling of butterflies in your stomach does exist. from here the plot becomes even more complicated. Dan and Tamar break up, he gets together with Meirav, but they quarrel after he gets cold feet. Dan, devastated by the loss of his love, decides finally not to give up as he used to in the past and fights to win Meirav back.

2.9 “Longing”
A middle-aged Israeli bachelor is forced to evaluate his life choices when he discovers an ex-girlfriend had given birth to his son 20 years before, in this affecting drama from writer director Savi Gabizon.

9.9 “Israeli Love Story”
The year is 1947. 18 year old Margalit who lives in Nahalal loves theater and dreams of becoming an actress. One day she meets and falls in love with 24 year old Eli Ben Zvi from Kibbutz Beit Keshet. She tries to get close to him, hoping he’ll fall for her, but things don’t go so smoothly. He has a girlfriend and is busy with the dramatic events preceding the birth of Israel. Slowly the barriers are coming down – Eli discovers Margalit and she decides to move in with him, giving up her dream to become an actress. They set up a date for a wedding, but Israel’s harsh reality intervenes.

16.9 “Morning Trail”
Romance can find us in the strangest places. When Ella and Gabi meet hiking in the Negev desert, things start off rough but as in the best romantic comedies end smoothly.

23.9 “Everything Is Broken Up And Dances”
Nony, a shy college student, suffers severe shell shock in the Third Lebanon War. In an experimental treatment, the psychiatrist instructs his friends and family to play along with Nony’s delusion that he is now a rock star named Amnon.

30.9 “Borrowed Identity”
A Palestinian-Israeli boy named Eyad is sent to a prestigious boarding school in Jerusalem, where he struggles with issues of language, culture, and identity.

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