Wed 8 May 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Yehuda Halevy 19 - Yehuda Halevy 19, Tel Aviv,

Fine, the
people said his word;
On Purim on the roof, a stranger will not understand but heard from his friend, a real sensation, beyond imagination. Wild and persistent, and You Love It,

We have fulfilled your path and through you have fulfilled our dreams and dreams,
ceased speaking;

Independence Day returns to the roof to give you everything you have not dreamed yet, all means kosher and especially not kosher.

As usual:
• A wild, modern and slightly deviant (modern) Low tech scene accompanied by bluish white smoke.

living room opposite the infamous Shalom Tower, for rest, merging, and idolatry.

• Two bars equipped with the best alcohol and boutique beer that will be combined by the family with a smile and love as always; ecology! Cups and hardies from corn and bamboo,
The world loves us and we love it very much.

Here are the gourmets;
★ Hectik
★ Yoav sa’ar
★ ToTi
★ Wa jima
★ Vooboo

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