Sat 5 January 2019 - Thu 10 January 2019 | 11:59 pm
Romano - Derech Yafo 9, Tel Aviv, FREE

Romano are proud to present: Piano Bar – Second Edition

~ Midnight – Turn Romano into a hot, smoky piano bar

Six winter nights of live piano performances + accents

★ 5.1 – Anat Moshkovsky (Live) + Ziv Barashi
★ 6.1 – Shlomo Gronich (Live) + Zach Bar + Yoni Sharoni
★ 7.1 – Juanita Smith (Live) + Omri Cohen
★ 8.1 – Yehezkel Raz (Live) + Thai Rona
★ 9.1 – Assaf Talmudi Trio (Live) + Sefi Ciesling
★ 10.1 – Maya Donitz (Live) + Ofer Tal

★ ★ ★

There is not a moment that distinguishes Romano from a key on a string resonating in the air of the room, leaping across a crowd of living bodies and evaporating into silence. The warm living room on the second floor – a kind of resonance box in itself – was born to accommodate late nights of romance, alcohol fumes and piano

As we did in the previous round, we will move the DJ’s position every night, make room for the pianist, and turn Romano into a charming bar, full of cocktails, thirsty hearts and the wonderful hypnotic sound of a living instrument against the silence.

The journey will be joined by some of the people who inspire us most – Shlomo Gronich, Yehezkel Raz, Assaf Talmudi Trio, Maya Dunietz, Anat Moshkovsky and Juanita Smith

In front of them will be albums in complementary tones – Ziv Barashi, Tzach Bar, Omri Cohen, Tai Rona, Sefi Cizling and Ofer Tal

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