Thu 29 June 2017 | 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Less Than a Thousand Gallery - Abarbanel 31, Tel Aviv, FREE

A White Novel The first solo exhibition for Roman Golman 29.6 | 19:30 | Gallery less than a thousand

Festive opening! As part of the White Night Event 2017 Gallery Less Than a Thousand will open a solo exhibition for promising artist Roman Golman in a new satellite gallery of Less Than a Thousand also launched that evening.

Roman is inspired by impressive paintings of fashion and magazines. His style is colorful and wild but the description is of delicate and elegant figures. His works do not deal with criticism, but rather with a fantasy of beauty and exoticism, embodied as charms from all over the cosmos.

Golman, a native of Ukraine, began to acquire his artistic education in his homeland. In Israel he continued to study design and the arts and for years worked as an art director and copywriter. In recent years he has returned to his old love – to canvas, ever since he was a rising star, when his paintings were purchased for many collections, and they have waiting lists. This is Golman’s first solo exhibition. Curator: Ella Yaari.

The exhibition will be displayed in a special space specially opened for white night events. It is located at 31 Abarbanel Street, right in front of the gallery.

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