Wed 16 August 2017 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Polly - Rothschild Boulevard 60, Tel Aviv, FREE

A tribute to Sixto Rodriguez
And a birthday for my nose and approval.
Comes to wild beans at 60 Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.
Full performance.
One wonderful guest
And DJ Efi Berkovich who will bring us in.
And will stay with us after the performance for a session, of tremendous music.
After the performance, we will celebrate birth to my nose and assent, guilty of inflicting their blood.
So we’re 40 plus!
And yes, at this age they celebrate, because that’s all we have left.
And you do not want you to come to celebrate, and to see us in the heart.
Excited and waiting for this evening.

Vocal and acoustic: Asher Kadosh
Drums: Atar Cypress
Trumpet and vocals: Einav Drumer
Tram: David Weissbrod
Bass and vocals: Navel Embrash.
A wonderful guest, Pnina Weintraub: violin

Opening of doors: 20:30
Start of performance: 21:30

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