Thu 3 January 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Haezor - 13 HaRechev St, Tel Aviv, 80 NIS

What began last year has become a tradition for us. Shevet wants to give a stage to a young Israeli metal, kicking and blowing potential as another tiny step on the way to success. So we decided to pick up the Rite

Of Passage 2!
We put together three bands that we believe in, Zad, Ma’anish and Pangea – together with Xenoblight – an excellent metal machine from Denmark that we saw in Wakn and we understood that we had to bring them to Israel. We joined them all into one crazy evening at the area club, and we left one place empty. Maybe for you?

So if you have a band that has never appeared or just a few times, send us something of yours and we will update! One of the bands that will be sent will join the winning team at the Rite of Passage, the second round.

Qualifying price – 60 NIS
Price instead – 80 NIS
** Online Sale will open soon **

Opening of doors: 20:00
Start of performances: 20:30

In the evening they will participate:
Xenoblight –
In the assault from the North comes Zanoblite. You may not know them yet, but you will still know. Trust us, they are the best bet for extreme metal in the coming years. Zenoblite does Death Metal, but not brutal but clever, cruel, sharp as a knife and toxic as a cyanide pill. Under the conductor and the endless energies of the singer / monster Marika Hyldmar, this ensemble is one of the most disturbing things our eyes have ever seen on the stage. This group is dying to see what the Israeli public has to offer, and we promised them that the Israelis are making the Europeans look like wimps. Do not make us ashamed and prove to us that we were right.

Pangéa –
Quietly under the surface for months months Pangéa cooked up until it broke into our world in 2018. As if they had emerged from nowhere – this psychedelic metal composition combines an old progressive with old-fashioned taste and heavy rock on the experimental border with witch songs and hypnotic performance. If there is someone among you who did not have time to see them at the concert – we gave you a golden opportunity. If you also want to hear metal and rock n ‘roll that like to think, write and perform outside the box, Pangéa is just the band for you.

Zed are not the big promise of 2019, because they’ve been fulfilling everything they promised. With a full-blown album on the way out of Doom and Black Metal, this gang-raising band is presenting a steaming dose of sultry black metal that will make you sweat, tear and scream. They visited all the plains of the country, plowed on it from north to south, and were given in the head alongside Cult of Fire and Bellwitch. If by chance you have not met this black monster yet, there is no better period than bringing new hearts to the Jackal.

You know the punisher – the strange bird of the extreme metal that mixes Death Metal with Avant Garde, between Thrash Groove and Progressive with touches of jazz. The whole punishing thing is that they do not have a section, they do not have laws, they have no frames and they do not have God. Since the band released its amazing debut album Under The Fig Tree the ensemble has changed, strengthened, gone crazy and started attacking the stages on all fronts. We believe that anyone who does not know Punisher still needs to know. They bring everything that has been good in the innovation of the extreme metal of the past – along with cross-border musical development on every possible side. Punishment is a mandatory band and a must-see performance.

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