Sat 7 April 2018 | 8:15 pm - 11:30 pm
Zappa Tel Aviv - Raul Wallenberg 24, Tel Aviv, 100 NIS

Riff Cohen Band Performance – Mimouna Celebration. Accompanied by Hagai Fershtman-Drums // Atar Meiner- Computer & Keyboards // Omri Stand-Guitar.

Since breaking into our lives as a breath of fresh air when she is considered one of the leaders of the new generation of musicians working in the modern Mediterranean genre, Riff does not cease to innovate and breathe fresh air of creativity and international aesthetics.

The last year, Riff has devoted herself to collecting material for her new and third albums, along with performances in Israel and abroad (Switzerland, Germany and Turkey) and just before she starts recording her third album, Riff will embark on a tour that will combine songs from the A PARIS A LA MENTHE studio and new songs that have not yet been recorded .

With the release of the debut album A PARIS in 2012 we have been exposed to Riff’s colorful world – a constant game between oriental and urban, songs dealing with the image of the new immigrant in a world where borders are open and feels at home wherever he is. The first two songs from the debut album A Paris and J’aime were accompanied by clips by Riff herself and won millions of hits on YouTube and countless radio stations. During that year she starred in all the media in Israel and was often defined as an exceptional phenomenon that defined a new and high quality of Mizrahi and ethnic music in Israel .

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