Thu 4 April 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Yad Harutzim 11 - Yad Harutzim 11, Tel Aviv,

Revivo’s project arrives at a festive performance at 11 Harutzim Street, Tel Aviv!
The kitchen is run by a kosher chef!
The nostalgic strings project, which in recent years has become a dazzling success and a new cultural phenomenon, won the title of “Car of the Year” and won a prestigious YouTube award and many other titles.

Since the project was born, members of the ensemble have released eight successful albums, which have won gold and platinum albums. The first album, “What’s Left of Mala”, was a dazzling success, the second album – “A New Beginning”, “Hot in the Heart”, a double album from a live performance from the Sultan’s Pool, “Live and Happy”, an album that combines original songs with beloved nostalgic strings and the eighth album “Emunah” which includes a variety of strings, songs and melodies of traditional songs from the father’s home.

Recently, a double collection called “Time Travel”, containing a variety of strings and songs from all albums, such as “New Start”, “Give Time to Go”, “Ella”, “Shabbat String”, ” “And many more.

At the same time, the project’s members continue to record various songs, new and renewed.

The Ravivos continue to conquer stages, both in Israel and abroad, in front of thousands of people in the Jewish communities, and have recently returned from touring throughout Europe, the US, Brazil and Morocco.

Revivo’s project is known for its unique, joyful and exciting performances, suitable for a very wide and diverse audience. In all these, one does not forget to move from their sleep – love of man in particular and free love in general.

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