Thu 18 July 2019 | 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Kikar Rabin - Ibn Gvirol, Tel Aviv,

What are we demonstrating about? What’s the protest about?
We are demonstrating for the freedom of culture in Israel – the freedom to dance and to hang out at events (parties, festivals, concerts).

We are demonstrating for the existence of events that take place legally, in different musical styles (trance / techno / rock / world music …) whether in the hall, club or outdoor. This is our fundamental right as citizens of a democratic state, and the authorities must allow as many events as possible and not limit them or make them difficult.

Cultural freedom is our right to hear the music we love, and the understanding that there is no “culture” or “musical genre” inferior to other genres. Any genre, genre, or community formed around a particular musical culture is entitled to freedom of self-determination, recognition by the authorities and the media, and the possibility of holding events of their choice.

Come and protest with us!
We call on everyone who has music in all its forms in its soul and likes to dance to its sound.
For those whose leisure and leisure culture occupies a large part of their lives.
And all those who understand that the violation of values ​​of paramount importance, such as freedom of the individual, expression and occupation, is an extremely grave matter in a democratic state like the State of Israel.

Join the Association for Cultural Freedom in this historic and important struggle that only together, as one strong and united body, can we make
a real difference!
We will meet in the square at 18/07/19

bit for the association:
the association to freedom of Culture was established in order to address many issues related to the culture of parties, festivals and concerts in Israel.

The organization has the following goals:
Legislation – Legislative arrangement with the authorities regarding the licensing of events in Israel. Events of various types and sizes, with an emphasis on outdoor events.

Education and public relations – the establishment of guiding principles for the community, including maintaining cleanliness, environmental quality, safe personal space in the events, prevention of sexual harassment, the responsibility of the celebrants at parties and their surroundings.
Public awareness – true and true reflection of the culture of parties, festivals and performances, and its positive and beautiful aspects. Improving the image of the Israeli music culture in all its forms. Striving for fair and equal representation of women and different sectors, Israeli culture and the industry that drives it.

We are fighting for an idea, and we are not fighting the police or the authorities!
The idea is that we are all entitled to cultural freedom!

Important request to end:
We oppose violence or violation of any kind of law!
Avoid provocations !!!
We come to demonstrate for freedom, music and culture. Show the richness of cultural diversity in Israel.
All eyes are on us, and there are many who want us to fall into the familiar stigmas, do not play into their hands!
We emphasize that this is not a party, but a demonstration that will show the power and the public’s support for our goals!
The event will include speeches full of content about our goals and our path, and musical segments from the entire musical spectrum in Israel.

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