Thu 26 March 2020 | 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Inspired Tel Aviv - Bar Kochba 54, Tel Aviv,

Nir Etzion Resort is situated on the Carmel, 234 meters above sea-level, within a unique setting, above the artists’ colony of Ein Hod and adjacent to a pastoral nature reserve.

The hotel is owned by the religious cooperative moshav of Nir Etzion. As early as 1950 the moshav’s founders identified the vacation potential of their ideal location, and built a rest-home with all the advantages of kibbutz hosp

Over the years the rest-home became a convalescent home, later a guest house and today Nir Etzion Resort is an advanced hotel complex, offering vacations and events to the private and business sector in a unique pastoral atmosphere.

Thanks to the location facing the sea and on the perennially green Carmel, every window offers unique views that imbue your vacation with magical natural scenery.

In the best tradition of kibbutz hospitality, the hotel’s guests enjoy the best of all worlds: pampering, inviting rooms, a range of activities and points of interest, and gourmet meals.

Within walking distance, or a just few minutes’ drive away, guests can enjoy green open spaces with a range of hiking trails, some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and an abundance of leisure, entertainment and vacation sites.

Workshops for Spiritual Development Personal Growth
and exploring The Meaning of Life
With Top Speakers
Rabbi Avi Hill
Rabbi Yossi Wallis CEO Arachim Rabbi Yehudah Silver
Rabbi Eliezer Eisikovits
Rabbi Yoni Myers

Meaning of Life : Rabbi Yoni Myers
The Art of Loving Relationships : Rabbi Avi Hill
Encounter at Sinai : Rabbi Yehudah Silver
The Fingerprints of Divinity : Rabbi Eliezer Eisikovits
Why is There Suffering? : Rabbi Yoni Myers
His Personal Story : Rabbi Yossi Wallis
The Farewell Kiss :Rabbi Avi Hill
Free Will and its enemies : Rabbi Eliezer Eisikovits

Discounted Cost (Includes Full Board):
Adult – 750 shekels | Student – 500 shekels (3 in room)

Arachin Seminar !

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