Fri 14 December 2018 | 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Pele - Rival 25, Tel Aviv, 120 NIS

Hi so mushroom spirit and expanding consciousness,
Here in the deep section of the microbobia community we cooked a particularly warm and exciting event for the winter.
A new concept – old with a lot of essence and insight.
We invite you on a personal and collective journey in the urban space. This is a rich, concentrated process of one-day workshops of several worlds, including breathing and nutrition, dance and movement, speech and joint meals, and a musical performance that opens the heart and chakras.
All this is accompanied by guides and teachers with high knowledge and high sharing and guidance abilities.

** Please note, the avant is loaded with information and content, if you find interest so far, take a deep breath and a few minutes free of life and continue reading with intent **

It is a journey of the day, the main purpose of which is to share practical tools for a healthier and happier life.
We all want to develop, grow, be good with ourselves, but sometimes do not know where to start.
The journey is for all those people who want to develop and receive tools for work and self development.

Our journey is built from the individual to the collective and it is important for us to go through this journey together, from beginning to end.
Each with himself and all of us together.
The journey is limited to 80 participants and participates to create an intimate and cohesive space on the one hand, while also allowing osmotic motion and random encounters.
וגם And that eight is a special number – eight is infinite.

⁂ ⁂⁂ So what are actually going on this day? ⁂ ⁂ ⁂

We are prepared for a day that is intensifying and intensifying with breathing spaces and relaxation in between.
Here is the plan, with details about the workshops and facilitators that will accompany us to this day.
The intention is that from each workshop we will go out with an application tool that we can implement in our lives and feel the change and development.

12: 00-13: 00 Opening lesson: practical yoga – how to practice and persevere in practice
Idan Yoga
We will learn a practical sequence for daily use, exercises to strengthen and warm the joints and simply move in a pleasant and free way, in a natural way for us and our bodies. We will combine exercises from the world of qigong, yoga and hand resistance

About the Facilitator: Idan Yoga, a yoga and movement teacher. He handles Chinese medicine and Shiatsu. Explores the connection between body and mind and the power of the conscious mind. Mover from birth.

13: 15-14: 15 Nutrition Workshop: How to cultivate our inner soil? Mor Navon
In the workshop we will know the earth element in the Chinese eyes. We will understand the connection between the soil element and digestion problems and the digestive system in general. We will get a brief guide to the rules and applications for healthy nutrition and awareness. We will learn a thing or two about how to cultivate our inner soil.

The moderator:

Mor Navon treats skin and hormonal problems and digestion. Treats with acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, herbs, aromatherapy, and natural herbs. Accompanied by healing processes and believes in the power of change and healing abilities from the depths.

Mor Navon – Personal Medicine
You are invited to Mor’s healthy blog with articles, tips and recipes equal to:

14: 15-14: 45 Lunch Break: coffee and tea corner, fruit and sandwiches.

14: 45-15: 45 Breathing Workshop: Breathing interval on our day.

Yoav Leibovich
From conscious breathing to inner attentions:
We will prepare the body for meditation according to the philosophy of complete yoga – open our energy channels (Nadi) with short stretching practice. We will fill them with life energy by stimulating prancing breathing techniques.
In the workshop we will learn the breathing techniques that are our anchor to the present. You can practice them regularly at home and feel deep inner attentions and see how this practice helps us in other aspects of our lives.

About the Companion: Yoavi, a pioneer of the Mikopot in Israel, holds a bachelor’s degree in Jewish Studies (Community, Love and Abundance) in Kent-Maayan Zvi Beach.
A meditation teacher, Mindfulness and Hatta Yoga, he studies breathing theory (Pranayama) and comes to share with us the tools he has acquired in his travels in Israel and around the world.

Prania Yoga »Meditation • Breathing • Natural Pharmacy

16: 00-17: 00 Cauching Workshop: How to deal with stress?

Mark Berkovics
The disease of the Western world is stress – mental stress. It is also called the Silent Killer because it causes so many complications and illnesses. Somewhere, our parts have already accepted that stress will be an inseparable part of life. But it does not have to be that way, there are ways to reduce the tension every day, and in the workshop we will understand how the stress mechanism works in the brain, learn what can be done to reduce it, and practice Mindfulness meditation together.

The instructor: Mark Berkowitz, NLP trainer, teacher of Mindfulness and group facilitator.
He has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in brain research. “My passion is to help people achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I want to live in a world where people are driven more by their passions and less by their fears. ”

Mark Berkowitz – A Guide to Realization

17: 15-18: 45 Movement Workshop: Awareness in Motion, How do we move in space?
Marina Kushnir
In the workshop “Awareness of the Movement” we will work together on elements from different movement niches and explore the dance of life together and separately, in our points of connection in the space and in contact with people.

About the Facilitator: Marina Kushnir, a multidisciplinary artist, combines the art of movement with emotional and liberating work.
Ginjah Vibes

18: 45-20: 15 Psychedelic Transcendental Journey: How to let go
Itzik Lanciano – Earth Connect
Art Connect is a chil-ot instrumental project filled with melodies, analog sounds and unique rhythms to emphasize the connection to Mother Earth through music. Itzik comes to us to deliver a workshop for total liberation and will take us on a sweeping journey of an hour and a half through his musical world.

20:30 Friday dinner – a nutritious and tasty vegan
A sumptuous Indian-style meal, under the great supervision of the head of the Shura, the nomad from Jaffa. Ancient cooking method through the heart chakra that is connected to the hands of a row. Feel love in every bite.


A tribal Friday performance
The ethno-mystical ensemble “The Prince” will come to sign the journey and receive the Sabbath with dancing and melody in the heart.

About the ensemble:
A tricky stream of water runs through the ‘prince’ between the banks of many rivers – but always in motion, changing, undefined and fresh.
The Prince Quartet creates a new and intriguing melody
Moving between noble and gypsy between earthly simplicity and high wisdom
Original music that stems from the quartet, while searching for a pure spark of true creation.
The prince comes to us like fire burning in the forest merging with the blue spring, life.

Omri Memory – Percussion
Or Fainer – bass and vocals
Maayan Stein – flute and voices
Saar Yaffe – Guitar and vocals


Participation cards
– First 20 at 100 NIS
– The following 60 at 120 NIS
*** There will be no more than 80 participants ***

The cost of the participation includes all the contents including a light lunch and a vegetarian veggie meal.

❁❁ ❁❁ ❁❁ ❁❁ ❁❁ ❁❁ ❁❁ ❁❁ ❁❁❁

The event will take place in wonder in a pleasant space and receives.
25 Riebel St., Tel Aviv.

Come with comfortable clothes and a yoga mat to practice. It is recommended to bring a small notebook to write insights, thoughts and ideas.

Starting at 12:00.
Welcome to arrive from 11:00 to feel, relax, connect.

See you soon 🙏

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