Sat 9 June 2018 | 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Rena House - Simthat Beit Habad 3, Tel Aviv,

We would like to invite you to the exciting opening event of the first art exhibition in Israel using laminated reality technology, at the new artists’ compound of the Renee Estate in Tel Aviv.

*** Detailed Schedule **

A total of 70 works will be presented on the subject of ‘Renewal’, all of which will be ‘triggers’, and as soon as you vote with the smartphone on the piece, another layer of art will be displayed on the screen.
So that every piece of art that exists in the physical space can come to life and get a new layer of animation, film or sound, using the Artivive App app that connects the world of art to the world of reality

As part of the opening event, Omer Luz’s new project will also be launched
(Or by his stage name ‘Peter Spacey’).
Spacey will take over the acoustic space in the complex, which will become a launch party led by DJs
That’s what’s going to be on this crazy day:

Opening doors at 13:00
Peter Spacey’s launch party will be at 17:00 (details about the music and the acrobatics below).
The alcohol flows at friendly prices all evening and the food served at the restaurant downstairs will be great

– Tiny Art Exhibition (twenty works by international artists, on cards
The size of a business card, which activate animations and simulations in a laminated reality).
– A joint drawing of Trigger in a laminated reality: Visitors to the exhibition are invited to draw on
A large canvass that will be placed in the middle of the space.
– On top of the canvas is a camera that will photograph the painting as soon as it finishes and turns it over
Trigger to play the making of the same painting exactly, the participants
The random ones in it. The painting will join the permanent exhibition at the hotel.
– Sale of works of art of members of the collective

The event will be spread over all the hotel spaces

Ground Floor
– Stalls for the sale of Artopus art jewelry
– an exhibition of art that is not actually laminated (for sale) in the space of the restaurant Sapa
– Working in a laminated reality that deals with Tel Aviv. This is the weekend of pride and is dedicated –
With love for 20 years of Tel Aviv parade – the app allows people
– that activate the image to integrate into it and to share in social media
– Selling a shirt with an image in a laminated arTshit reality

AM Floor
– original works by Israeli artists, created for the first time in laminated reality
– visual images that will demonstrate the next revolution in the field of communication between artists
Creating for their audience

Floor PM
– original works by Israeli artists, created for the first time in laminated reality
– Live performance of musicians (soon to be published who) – the future of art performances
In the public sphere in a laminated reality

Roof floor
– Other original works by Israeli artists

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