Wed 11 April 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Brodt Tel Aviv - Zeitlin 22, Tel Aviv,

The commemoration of the Holocaust in the art of the stage, the theme of Jewish identity with the participation of artists, artists, musicians and intellectuals. The tradition continues this 13th year!

The event is composed of a mosaic of participants (musicians, thinkers, journalists, writers and intellectuals) who share their personal statement about Holocaust remembrance and its relevance to our lives today.

The evening takes place without guidance, but in full harmony is part of a tradition that began at the Brodet Center for Jewish Culture of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality to commemorate the Holocaust by using the various stage arts. This evening, which is exceptional and experiential and especially inspirational, emphasizes the memory of the Holocaust but also the messages For the future.

This year the participants will participate in the following event:

Journalist Ronen Bergman – about the Polish Holocaust Law and the story of his family during the Holocaust

The musician and creator Ariel Horowitz (Naomi Shemer’s son) will perform the single “Why Not Berlin” from his new album. The song deals with the crisis of identity in Israeli society and the early forgetfulness of what happened in Germany during the Holocaust.

Dr. Tamar Meir, head of the literature department at Givat Washington College and the author of the children’s book “Francesco Tirli’s Ice Cream Shop”, which tells about saving Jews during the Holocaust, will provide a different perspective on the Holocaust. And the children’s book that took her on an exciting journey.

The actress and musician Dana Ivgy –

Dr. Yoel Rappel Founder and Director of the Elie Wiesel Archives – “The World Is Still” – Not all the victims were Jews, but all the Jews were victims.

The singer and creator Raza Razel will tell about the family story of her grandparents during the Holocaust.

Journalist Ben Dror Yemini will talk about “the rise of Judeo-Nazi discourse in the West and in Israel”

The musician Daniel Zamir will perform the song “Yet We have not Forgotten Your Name” from the prayer in the dialect of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and the poem “Tzmah lecha nafshi”.

Rabbi Avraham Krieger Founder and Director of the Shem-Olam Institute for Holocaust Research will talk about “Holocaust Narratives” – Jewish glasses and German glasses

The Vach family – a musical family of three generations from the survivors of the Holocaust – will sing and speak about the “miracle of my birth” – the memory of the Holocaust as a result of family and national life.

“Zachor” – Wednesday, 11/4, 27 Nissan, Brodet Center Jewish Culture Center, 22 Zeitlin St. Tel Aviv. The event will begin at 21:00. Admission is free

The event will be screened from the auditorium to the outer area of ​​the center in order to allow more participants to take part in the event.

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