Fri 24 August 2018 | 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Kuli Alma - Mikve Yisrael 10, Tel Aviv, FREE

The temperature rises, the sweat is dripping, the left raises its head – and all this we are going to celebrate at a crazy lunch party in Kuli Alma!

Are invited to pick up with us and with all the leftists and leftists of Israel. In the program: Music with the Miriam first: Aviya Farhi, full of alcohol, and many reinforcements!

Come up with us to a new road, enter with us on the left foot and turn the supporters of the Facebook group into a friends movement! A movement that is going to cause the left to raise its head, unite and return to being a proud and strong camp.
And what better way to symbolize the opening shot than a lifting party ?!

Friday, 24/08, 11:00, Koli Alma – Mikve Israel 10, Tel Aviv.

It’s time to win, and it’s time to celebrate.

Free entrance

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