Wed 26 June 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Reading 3 - Yosef Yekutieli Street 4, Tel Aviv,

Hold on to your seats! The comedian / musician / vocal artist / unique genius / stage phenomenon – Reggie Watts arrives for the first time in Israel.

One Evening Only Hangar 3 Tel Aviv 360 degree seating format.

It’s going to be special, unusual, inspiring, groovy as crazy and funny as it is.

The world media is not saving superlatives and titles to describe the man as “one of the 50 greatest comedians of all time,” according to Rolling Stone magazine, “the most wild and creative talent of recent years” according to LA Weekly, “spectacularly original” New York Magazine And spin magazine named Watts as “the greatest comedian of the new generation” and the word “genius” repeated in a variety of articles and reviews wherever he came.
Reggie’s performances are improvised and there are no two repetitions.

Somewhere along the line between music and comedy, Watts has created something 100% original and his own.
Rich Watts’ rich resume includes musical collaborations with Jack White, LCD SOUNDSYSTEM, Tears For Fears, Regina Spector, DEVO, Hot Chip and more, hysterical performances at the SXSW and Bonaroo festivals, specials for Comedy Central and Netflix, A soundtrack to Ridley Scott’s legend, the creation of JASH with Sara Silverman, Michael Serra, Tim & Eric, a huge tour with Conan O’Brien, successful solo albums including the masterpiece Living in Central Park.

If that is not enough then: Reggie Watts appeared in all the possible American talk shows – Letterman, Leno, Kimmel, Fallon, Colbert, starring in the IFC’s comedy bang bang and also, how can you forget – Of James Corden.

So for dessert, some quotes from the rest of the world:

“Do yourself a big favor and go see him on tour now.” – MTV

“It is not fair to compare the other performers to Watts – he is playing in a whole other professional league.” – New York Times

“Deliciously strange” – LA Times

“Do yourself a big favor and go see him on tour now.” – MTV

“Musician, comedian, stand-up-surrealist-beat-boxer-force-of-nature” – Radiolab

“An impressive vocalist and musician, Watts has a knack for pushing past staid jokes to playing with the rhythm and sound of words; it makes his act both thrilling and impossible to categorize.” – Rolling Stone.

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