Thu 27 April 2017 - Sat 29 April 2017 | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Omez - Omez, Hamerkaz, 550 NIS

THE RED TENT RETREAT is a place for women to come together to experience and honor ourselves and each other as we truly are, and to reconnect to the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine that resides within each of us, within our very bodies and breath. We are creating a community of healing, of empowerment, of transformation, of joy and love.

Over 30 workshops, sweat lodge, chai shop, cacao ceremony, arts and crafts, amazing vegan food prepared with love, and more ♥ come join us for this transformative and incredible journey.

::A Sacred Feminine Space::
We are holding a sacred, love-filled, high-vibe space for the healing and growth of women, and by extension men, children, and all living beings. There will be women only attending (with the exception of carefully selected male facilitators and volunteers).

::Healing and Learning::
You’re invited to participate in a selection of over 30 heart-opening workshops and activities throughout our three days, including yoga, ancestral healing, dance, visualization, drumming, meditation, singing, breath work, and sacred sexuality.

::Food As Medicine::
You will eat delicious, nutritious, home-cooked vegan meals, 3 times per day. Our food is prepared with love, respect, and joy!

::Sleeping Under the Stars::
Lodging is outside in your own tent (please bring or share). There’s nothing like sleeping in the cradle of Mama Earth herself.

::Freedom and Self-Discovery::
By connecting to the Earth and the Cosmos, we return to our wild and free nature. You will be supported in unveiling the unique goddess that you are and shining it out to the world.

::Community and Connection::
Be a part of a beautiful community of women who are committed to authenticity, growth, and healing our planet. Expect deep and soulful connections. Come find your tribe!

If you prefer to pay in cash, contact one of the organizers!

Other Highlights include:
Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Sweat Lodge, Chai Shop, and Sacred Fire gatherings!

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