Tue 5 June 2018 | 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Shalvata - Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv,

“Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality”

Next Tuesday we will host the best ensemble in the universe of the content world we swim in and it’s fun to see you get wet with pleasure.

Excited to introduce the red axes Red Axes
We do not write, but feel that no matter what was written about them, it will not describe the music, the people, the accessibility, the passage, the success, and the amount of love we have for these courageous creators, Dori, and we bring with them pure magic. Thank you for who you are and how much you are and how you are.

Left and right:

Moshe Abutbul
Moshe Abutbul Akka karate boy or whatever he calls himself, the first hippocampus that emerged from the peripheral reserve and captured the hearts of the inhabitants of Rothschild southward. A person who is graffiti of styles and before all is that he and good thing.

Oron K
Oron Kay Akka Benazir and you will explain to us what it means, waiting.
Pag’s Residency, Alpha, a desert island. The most serious extensions in the city after Daphne Waller, the nest of the cuckoo Hello it Oron. The chief inmate of this place behind the Max Brenner.

The event will begin at 22:00
Please respect the security instructions in place
Keep an environmental space and respect the other in the square
There is no price for freedom but there are discount tickets at the top link

excellent week,

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